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The Padmanabhaswamy Temple has a vault they call the B vault. This vault no one will open because they say they can't. It is said it is protected by magic and sound waves. In the 1930's a few tried to open it and before they could a ton of Cobras came out of nowhere. One of the men was attacked repeatedly and by all accounts should have died on the spot. He didn't. This information comes from three sources, one travel guide, one underground travel guide and one person I do business with in India. That person is how I got these. Her name is Adita and some of you have talked to her before.

Adita as you know is often in India and Egypt. She travels all over but loves those two cultures. Right now it isn't exactly safe for her to be in either place and just got back to the states for some relaxation and then more work. These items are the ones she brought me back.

For those of you who haven't heard about vault B it is said to be very magical and the wealthiest vault in the world even though no one really knows what is inside.

Adita met with the man who was attacked and should be dead, just by his age alone. He is a hermit now and hardly see's anyone. Adita has known him for years, becoming friends with him through her uncle. He sould be dead by now but something magical happened and he still lives. The reason for this is the bite of the Cobra's were magical themselves and he sheds his lives as they do skin. He continues to renew himself because he is truly transcended. He doesn't often live in this physical realm and that is how he stays alive and young. 

How does this tie into the wealth of the vault? The one guy they say can open it can do so because of the magic. Inside the vault among other things is the ability to totally manifest a new world along with material items and wealth. That is what these do. This is what Adita had made and these were held to the door, touched the door and made by her friend a near immortal. He was not made immortal by his choice, it just happened. These bracelets were passed to poor women in bad situations. These situations had to be more then being poor. They had to be in danger. All of these women were from India and now no longer live there. You will not always need this bracelet but you should wear it for a time of creation, 7 days. That is what you must do to activate it. These have been picked out by Adita in the United States and traveled with her to India. She picked them out for the their beauty.

You will get the one you see. I just need to tell you all that these do.

These are not just wealth pieces but magical as well. They allow for creation of anything you may need, not just wealth. now in most pieces that do wealth you only want it to do wealth but these are so powerful that it is a perfect combination of magic.

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