The Magnificent Mishna

The Magnificent Mishna

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This piece was made by the an Israeli mystic and kabbalist. He is not immortal and he isn't very old, but he is super powerful. I'm not sure where he got his powers from or if he ever will acquire immortality. The most that I know about him is that he collaborated with Tomer or several investigations, including one involving the caave of treasures, so to say that his relics are very powerful is kind of an understatement.

This piece is one that he made all by himself, inside of a holy shrine that he told us he found in Pakistan. I'm not sure the name of the place, because all he told us was, "ancient shrine." This piece is a cipher piece because it holds a power that will allow your eyes to see the secret powers and magic that were written into the Mishna, which it actual textual part of the Talmud, the ancient Hebrew holy book.

You will only be able to see these secrets when you wear this piece. They will appear as a pattern of words that will most likely not make sense to you at all. However, this powers in this piece allow your mind to comprehend and gain the magic. In fact, you won't even have to waste your time searching for the magic.

Simply lay down your copy of the Talmud and envision the powers that you want. You might feel a slight breeze, you might not. Either way, the pages will flip open to the page that you need in order to acquire that power. You will your hands, one on each of the pages of where the book opened to. The magic and energy will then be transferred to you.

*Upon further investigation, we have discovered that when using this piece, if you wear it for a period of seven days before using, a spiritual form of the Talmud will appear to you, in book form. If you don't already have a copy, then this would be the route to go.

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