The Master of All Realms | STAR
The Master of All Realms | STAR
The Master of All Realms | STAR
The Master of All Realms | STAR

The Master of All Realms | STAR

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I came across a realm recently, one that I’ve never encountered or even heard of before, which is surprising given how long I’ve been alive and how often that doesn’t happen to me anymore. It was sort of an accident actually. You could say I was lucky and that this opportunity had simply fallen into my lap… however, if you want to get technical, I fell into it.


For as long as I can remember, other realms have been quite sloppy about hiding their existence. Hints are sprinkled around, some not even remotely subtle, and yet… the only thing that truly surprises me anymore is how ignorant humans actually are. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to change. I’ve seen that the majority of humans will never acknowledge that nor realize that their world has many layers, many of which they could never hope to fathom anyway.


It is likely, however, that you know otherwise. Perhaps you have sensed the existence of the realm I have discovered? Maybe you are even the sort, like myself, that has personally travelled and seen their existence with your own eyes. Experienced or not, I doubt you were aware of a power like this.


This item is empowered with the oldest form of magic that I have encountered so far and it is certainly not of this realm… In fact, this item is older than this realm altogether.


I can already feel your curiosity from here—you wonder where I’ve found it, what it’s capable of, and just how powerful it is.


Well, there’s a realm that exists, within which time is broken. It never really moves and so the past does not exist and the present is all that is and ever will be—there is no future or progression. Within this realm, as time is broken, all things are powerful; they do not grow powerful, they do not alter, and they do not weaken. Even I, having stepped into this realm, had become the most powerful form of myself.


However, the realm works in an odd fashion. When I went there, the entire atmosphere shifted from entirely stale and lifeless into something a little more strange. Though there was nothing and no one around me, I felt as though I was not alone. I wondered this realm for some time before I came across this item and when I did, it almost called to me. It was like it was waiting for me.


The second I touched this piece, the realm warped out of sight and I was standing in the middle of nothing. It was one of the most frightful experiences I had ever endured. There was no sound, no gravity, no light, no darkness; there was nothing. The item in my hand, however, had shifted from its original form, looking nothing like it had before but at the time, I hadn’t really been concerned about that. I had just wanted to return home. The second I desired that, the world around me shifted and appeared to be literally constructing itself right before my very eyes.


At first, I thought I had returned… I thought that this item was just some sort of time traveling piece that could take me wherever I wanted whenever I wanted. However, it appeared to be much more than that. It took me several months to figure it out, but I eventually noticed something bizarre.


I had never actually returned home. It wasn’t easy to notice at first, but slowly but surely the signs became more and more clear. All around me, I had fabricated my own world. Everything worked as I desired it to and it did so without question or even the necessity of logic. It was my own realm and I was the center of it.


When I returned to this realm, I must admit that Earth itself is boring compared to a realm in which you have everything you could ever want. However, some of it did carry over. The wealth that I had given myself, it echoes through the realms and though it is not immediate, my wealth has increased dramatically in an effort to match what I possess in my own realm. In my own realm my power is limitless, here it has increased sharply and increases by the day, feeding off of the magic of the realm that I’m linked to.


I’ve used this item to give myself all that I could ever really desire at this point… I don’t really need it anymore. Perhaps you’ll make use of it as I have? Perhaps even better use?


When you receive this item, be aware, you do not need to create your own realm just for anything to be possible. You have complete freedom to travel to any and all realms at will and can even be in multiple realms at once... it is merely an option for you to create your own realm. You can quite literally build it from the ground up and exist within it as the first Supreme Being. It is entirely up to you.


This will fit a size 10 and it can be adjusted.

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