The Moon Rabbit's Elixir of Life

The Moon Rabbit's Elixir of Life

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Okay, so this piece holds the presence of an entity that is called the Moon Rabbit. In fact, the Moon Rabbit isn't a rabbit at all. It is a deity that has taken the form of a rabbit who rule jointly over the moon with the goddess Chang'e. Chang'e is the Asian Goddess who controls the entirety of moon magic, keeping some of it for herself. This magic that she keeps or herself she gives to the Moon Rabit who bangs it out with a mortar and pestle in the process of making what is called the Elixir of Life. So, I know what you are thinking. Oh, this is going to be an immortality piece. However, this is not an immortality piece at all. While the Elixir of Life might grant the goddess immortality, we don't like to regularly offer these types of pieces because it throws off the life balance and messes with sacred numerology and stuff. It's just not the great of a thing. Rather, this piece gives life in other ways. I know that this sounds ambiguous in a way, so allow me to explain.

The Elixir of Life was a gift from Chang'e to the mortals. It was basically the ability to breath life and abundance into those areas of your life that are dead or those areas of your life that are young. For instance, say you were a young Entrepreneur or an inventor and you are trying to get a hand up in life, this would be the piece for you. It will breathe life into your financial projects to help them take off and reach the heights of success that you want to experience. Say you are an aspiring musician and you've already been shot down by several record agencies because they say you sound too much like other contemporary artists. This piece will breathe a fresh breath of life into your music that will allow you to wow your next audience and at your next audition. Maybe your love life has been a bit stagnant lately. Maybe it's feeling death, huh? Well, this piece will give life to your pursuit of love and it will help you find the perfect mate. It will also give a life to your sexual endeavors that will have you begging for more. Basically, anything that exists in your life that needs a spark of life, this piece will give that spark to. After all, it holds the Elixir of Life that has been created by the Moon Rabbit, the trusty sidekick of the Lunar Goddess Chang'e

We think this piece is sterling silver, although we are not 100 % on that.  Either way, the magic in this piece is enough to make this piece worth it on its own!

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