The Mysteries of Mithra, The Covenant of Life
The Mysteries of Mithra, The Covenant of Life

The Mysteries of Mithra, The Covenant of Life

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It's perhaps one of the least known mystery schools of the 1st Century.  The existence of it is said to have died out or greatly diminished by the 4th century BC.  Simply put, this is not true.  There are modern-day practitioners of the mystery school, but they prefer it to be just that-- a mystery.  I'm talking about the Mithraic Mysteries, which was an ancient Roman school of mysteries centered around the worship of Mithra.  Mithra was eventually adapted into the Roman god Mithras, borrowed from the Persians who named the original.  
The powers of this god were not well known to other Roman people at the time, because Christianity was on the rise and other religions were either starting to be outlawed or just didn't pick up enough speed.  It's not to say that these types of magic aren't just as powerful as Christianity.  It just wasn't as widely accepted.  Frankly, this is the way the classes of mystery schools preferred it, because then the power that they obtained would remain confidential and they could share it amongst themselves.  
We acquired this piece during an investigation of an abandoned Mithraeum that we found in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.  It wasn't very large, but it was powerful enough that we decided it was a good idea to see what was going on.  Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to meet up with anybody who could give us a good explanation as to why the group just up and vanished.  Perhaps they had achieved what they needed to achieve and had moved on.  I guess we'll never know.  
This didn't stop us from acquiring this token of power, which we found in a stained blood altar at the center of the Mithraeum.  Just to be clear, the Mithraeum is the underground worshipping centers for those who practice Mithraism.  They are the temples that draw the power of Mithras to the Earth, which allows them to obtain a very powerful, powerful magic that we will discuss in just a moment.  
As I was saying, we obtained this piece at the blood altar, which really shrouds the whole situation in mystery.  If they did just suddenly leave, why would they leave this relic behind?  Where did they go?  Not sure.  What I am sure of is that the amount of power that is held in this relic is absolutely astounding.  
You see, the ancient God Mithra was the god of light and the covenant.  If you are having problems determining what that means, no worries.  We did too until we used this piece a few a times during testing.  It is the Covenant of Life.  It is the very power that gives life to humanity.  Although it has been called many things throughout many religions the Covenant of Life is simply the contract that is signed between God (in this case represented by Mithras) and the soul before it is propelled into the mortal realms.  Ironically, the Covenant of Life is what causes death, which brings the circle of the soul into full effect.  The covenant is Mithras' way of guaranteeing that once flesh dies, the soul that gave it life must return to Mithras from whence it came.  
What does this mean for you?  Well, this piece holds a power that gives you the ability to communicate with the god Mithras.  Seeing as though he is the one that grants the Covenant of Life and causes mortal death, he can pretty much alter your life in anyway shape or form.  In short, this gives you the power to summon Mithras in order to create your own destiny.  After all, isn't this what everybody wants?  I mean, sure life is much more of a mystery when we don't know what is coming.  However, if you could guarantee that your life would be whatever you want it to be, would you?  This is this piece allows you to do.  Manipulate your destiny.  Become what you want to become.  Live the life you've always wanted.  It's what Mithras will do for

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