The Mystery Behind Beagle 2 | STAR
The Mystery Behind Beagle 2 | STAR

The Mystery Behind Beagle 2 | STAR

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Beagle 2 was a spacecraft under the British that was launched as a part of a mission to study the surface of Mars in search for signs of life or past life. It was supposed to record atmospheric behavior, general organism behavior on the surface if there was any and also any oddities worth documenting. There is an enormous contrast in stories when it comes to what was publicly released and what was only revealed among the government. They took Beagle 2's entire operation, especially the alleged lack of return, very seriously.

The truth about Beagle 2 is that it was late on returning but was not lost at any point. In fact, what they revealed to the public about it going missing all of a sudden after losing contact is completely untrue. Contact was never lost and there was no fatal disturbance to the module either. While the public was being told that the spacecraft was missing, it was actually feeding information back about an odd presences that could not be breached. It discovered and past along the surface of a force field-like presence that orbits Mars before eventually passing through it almost an entire month after originally discovering it. When it finally passed through, it did land on Mars where it stayed for the next two years.

In late 2006, after seeing the same thing going on on the surface of Mars for two years - which ultimately nothing at all - the communications did start to become affected by disturbances. It was originally thought to be the fault of being on the planet for an extended period of time without maintenance. However, there were images gathered of what appeared to be a figure - it is not know what it is. It was just a shape and it was there for a matter of seconds. After those few seconds went by, Beagle 2 imploded, almost like it was nothing but a tin can.

There was debate over revealing this to the public but it was never released due to the nature of that actual failure of the mission on top of the lie that had already been told about the mission being lost. Instead, it was kept quiet. The pictures released of the aircraft maybe having crash landed on to the surface of Mars that were released were entirely faux and for the purpose of keeping up the lie that the communication had been lost due to a malfunction.

In late 2013, a new spacecraft departed - the mission being to retrieve the remains of Beagle 2.

When the remains were studied, it was discovered that the metal had been warmed in an instant. There was an odd substance across the surface of some of the solar panels and a toxic bacteria that had manifested in various other parts of the ship. The bacteria had died instantly when it came into our atmosphere but it had taken over quite a bit of the material that made up the Beagle 2.

Additionally, this piece was found among the actual retrieved remains of the space module. It was not there when it departed from Earth. There is no traces of its original design and we believe that the power it possess given directly from a very powerful source but we do not know exactly who or what. We do not know if it is actual alien technology or not - we only assume it is because of where it comes from - but we do know that whatever has given this piece power is not something or someone to be taken lightly. We have tested this piece alongside other alien technology and other alien technology seems to react differently around it. It is not a bad reaction but it is a noticeable one and it only occurs with other items of alien origin.

With one piece we tested, it vibrated against the skin of the one who wore it. Alternatively, when it was not worn but was simply placed on a table beside this piece, the other piece levitated slightly off of the table, almost as though the ring and table were magnets repelling from each other. The energy output of the ring spiked drastically, almost to the point of being chaotic. We did test the interaction between this piece and items that are not of alien nature and we found that the power also increased drastically. However, other items of alien technology are the only ones that tend to physically react oddly to being around it. So, through this particular test, we have gathered that the piece supercharges all items it comes in contact with.

Among our tests, we tested a strong witchcraft item and found that it allowed the wearer to establish a telepathic tether with the original witch who had created the piece despite her being long dead centuries beforehand. It does not summon the spirit, it just allows for telepathic interaction.

We tested an item created by God, one currently on the site, called the Dual Side of the Morning Star, which contains a real drop of blood from Lucifer. The blood reacted with this piece and caused a huge reaction that we weren't expecting. Not only did it amplify the power already sealed within the Dual Side of the Morning Star but it pulled even more power directly from Lucifer's purest form along with an ability to selectively access the blood of all creatures he's either created or drawn blood from. The blood would manifest in the center of the Dual Side of the Morning Star in complete dual form and permanently instill power from the being into whatever vessel we desired. This includes ourselves, the Dual Side of the Morning Star piece, the item on this listing or any other - it didn't matter. We could do it.

This item is as interesting and beautiful as it is bizarre. We do not have any other like it and because we don't know exactly where it came from or how it ended up with the Beagle 2 spacecraft, we can say with quite a bit of confidence that there won't be another one of these.


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