The Mystery of Shapes and Sacred Geometry

The Mystery of Shapes and Sacred Geometry

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This piece holds the inner knowledge of sacred geometry. It holds the knowledge and magic of an ancient Masonic Creed called the Rite of Numbers. The Creed was read over this ring and a few others as to imbue the powers of the Rite of Numbers into the piece. I don't know what happened to the other pieces. This is the one that we got.

This piece is the pure knowledge of sacred geometry. First and foremost it allows you to know the sacred geometry of the human body and mind. This way, you will be able to know how to develop a connection with the cosmic mind. This connection is only possible when manipulating the geometry of the mind and how the chakras work together. This piece will do that for you. It will allow the flow of cosmic energy into your body which will allow you to produce and create your powers and magic.

Second of all, this piece also allows you to absorb the powers that are in the atmosphere around you. There is a reason that places are built the way they are built. Some people call them architects. We call them sacred geomtrists. Granted not all architecture holds powers, but a lot of it does, especially the older places. The pyramids, for example, are a great showing of sacred geometry. If you were to travel to the pyramids, or any pyramid for that matter, with this piece, you would automatically know the secrets of all pyramids. The Pentagon would be the same thing. The white house? The same thing? Space needle? Yep. See, all these buildings were either built or commissioned to be built by people in power and have been built with a hidden agenda. These agendas hold powers, but you need to be able to see past the contour of the built and to know sacred geometry to gain these powers. This is what this piece will do for you, in conjunction with the other powers I have listed.

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