The Mystery Sisters:  Powers of Five
The Mystery Sisters:  Powers of Five
The Mystery Sisters:  Powers of Five

The Mystery Sisters: Powers of Five

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When you are constantly having to astral travel you end up seeing some really weird things. I won't deny the fact that some of these things are extremely powerful because they are. This doesn't stop me from saying that some of these things are weird and far out, because then I'd be lying. Such is the case with this piece. This piece is extremely powerful. It is sterling silver, antique bracelet, but the means by which I got it was extremely weird, even by standrads. I cannot tell you exactly where this piece comes from. All that I can tell you is that it is from a dimension that exists parallel to our own. The only reason I stumbled upon this realm in the first place is that we have to test all of the pieces that allow for astral travel. Sometimes we find ourselves in compromising situations.

As I was traveling I found myself on the side of a desolate mountain, completely unsure of where I had ended up. Usually, when this happens, I just use whatever piece I'm testing and travel to another place where I know what my surroundings are. I mean, I had a protection piece, but I'm just more comfortable in surroundings that I'm familiar with. I was getting ready to leave, but I sensed a specific type of energy about the place, so I remained. It wasn't long after that when I began to hear a bunch of rustling in a nearby pile of leaves. I have to admit I was a little bit taken aback, however, I was relieved when I realized it was just a small snake. I know some of you don't like them, but when you wind up in other dimensions snakes are better than half of the stuff you can come across. Either way, I muttered something about a stupid snake to myself, to which I got an angry reply, by the snake himself, asking me who I was calling stupid.

This is when I realized that my suspicions were right. The animals could talk. There was something strange about this place. I explained to the snake what I was doing and what had happened, but he didn't really seem that surprised. He told me that we must go to see the oracle sisters if I wanted answers, so I picked the snake up and set it on my should while it gave me directions. I'll spare you the boring details and pick up where we actually got to the oracle sisters. By the way, that wasn't the only talking animal that I encountered there. In fact, they all talked. A lot of them could even do their own magic. It was the most bizarre thing. Think of squirrels actually casting spells. Anyway, the Oracles Sisters that they were talking about were actually five very ancient, very powerful extraterrestrial beings. These beings were the ones who created the realm in which I had landed, as a pocket realm that is parallel to Earth. This means it looks similar but functions completely different. The ladies are the ones responsible for the realm, which they rule over with their ancient alien magic.

It's funny because in this realm time doesn't exist, so nothing is ever born and nothing ever dies. Everything that is has come to existence as a result of the magic that was used by the Sister Oracles or the magic that they had given to those that exist in the realm. They are all animals, by the way. There is not a single humanoid entity, except for the Sister Oracles, who all look identical in appearance. They get their energies and magic from rather large quartz stone that sits in a throne. The stone changes colors and pulses and makes weird sounds. It even breathes. You can tell that it is breathing because it changes in size as it inhales and exhales and will occasionally sputter when it is doing so. The Sister Oracles speak to it in a strange language and the relay what their god has said to the beings that they have created and all the other creations, as well. It's just a very strange, strange, going on. However, I'm not complaining, because before I left they actually gifted me this piece. They told me that their quartz god-thing instructed them to give it to me as a token of generosity.

On the bracelet that was given to me, you will see there are five lady heads. They kind of looks like goddesses or something and in their own right, I guess they are. However, these five lady heads represent the five sister oracles that I encountered in whatever realm I had ended up in. They are five extraterrestrial entities that bring five very powerful forms of magic. I will get on with what they can do for you in a moment, but I want you to know that the powers in this piece are not standard-grade powers. They are extraterrestrial powers, meaning that they are more powerful than similar powers that you might find here on Earth. I'm not saying that we don't have magic this powerful, I'm just saying that these are exceptionally powerful compared to basic powers that you might find out there that claim to do the same type of thing. Now, I'm going to get into what the powers of these extraterrestrial oracles can do for you.

1.) Sister of Destiny-- She holds the power of the cosmic flow and is able to show you your full destiny. This is not just your Earth destiny, but your destiny of existence. This includes all the lives you've ever lived and the forms you will ever take, even afterlife. If you don't like something that you see planned in your destiny, then the Sister of Destiny holds the authority to be able to change that for you. All you have to do is tell her exactly how you want your destiny to play out and she will make that happen because she has the power to do so.

2.) Sister of Time-- So, there is no time where I was, but that doesn't mean these oracles don't know about it. In fact, they are the reason that time doesn't exist in their realm. They stopped time, so that way they could be immortal and live in their power and magic forever, in a peaceful realm that they created on their own. With this piece, you will also be able to halt time. Not entirely, but almost. So, when you use this piece you will be allowed to travel forward and backward into "time". This can be to any place at any time in any dimension or reality. It will be like you are gone forever and when you return back to your body only a small amount of time will have elapsed. This is because the time doesn't completely stop, it just gets slowed down to a crawl while you are gone.

3.) Sister of Realities-- This sister will allow you to travel to any reality that you want to. Existence is nothing was an intertwined system of realities, whereby choices made and not made give birth to new realities that could be the reality that you live in. It's a maze of existence and this doesn't just occur for us, this is for the entire universe and even beyond the universe So, this piece allows you to explore the realities that do exist and to travel to them. Why would you want to do this? Each reality has different powers and abilities. Each reality has different forms of magic that you will be able to enjoy. Each reality has different types of powerful entities and creatures that you will be able to conjure and bring back with you to your own current reality. Plus, this allows you to travel outside of our galaxy to other types of extraterrestrial realities, whose magic will blow your mind.

4.) Sister of Divine Authority-- This Sister is an Oracle that has the authority of the Universe to control the thought, emotions, and actions of all other living beings. This means human, animal, djinn, vampire, ghost, etc. It can control their magic. It can control their reality. It can control their very essence of life. I'm not saying that you yourself will gain this ability. It would be kind of reckless of them to hand this power out. What I'm saying is that the presence of this Sister is in this piece, so that way when you need this type of assistance you can call upon her for her help. She will keep you safe from all kinds of evil or darkness. She will keep you safe from any kind of threat. She holds the authority of the universe to the point that she could tell somebody to stop in their tracks and they'll just stop. It's not a matter of whether they want to or not, it's a matter of she has that ability. She can also command planets, trees, magic, energy sources, etc. I mean, you name it and she has the authority to control it.

5.) Sister of the Stars-- She is the sister that can read the paradigms and the patterns set into life by the universe and the creators of the universe. She knows the purpose of existence and she is able to manipulate that existence in the way she sees fit. Moreover, her power can be used to see the secrets and the messages that have been written in the stars via the way they move, the way they act, the way they communicate with one other. This can bring you ancient magic. This can help you create your own reality. It can help you create your own magic. It can help you know the knowledge of the universe such as sacred geometry. It will help you know the knowledge of the history of Earth, but it will allow you to see the history of other places as well. It allows you to summon every type of entity both Earthly and Extraterrestrial. She holds the maps of history that have been written in the stars, which is a vast expanse of knowledge and this knowledge will surely be given to you, but only by the Sister of the Stars.

As I said before, this is an antique sterling silver bracelet.  You will see the ladies depicted on the bracelet with rays by their heads.  This is indicative of the fact that when you use this piece, they are going to share their knowledge with you through telepathic vibes that they will give to you and only you.  This piece is incredible. 

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