The Nexus

The Nexus

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We have been working on this project for a very long time.  We are happy that is has finally come to an end. It was a long a grueling process, but somebody has got to do it.  In terms of government cover-ups and the projects that they undergo this project takes the cake. I don’t think that I have ever experienced something like this in my life.  I mean, the amount of effort and planning that has gone into creating the central hub that they call the Nexus is unbelievable. I mean, it makes sense that they would want to create something like that, but I’m not going to say that it is the most ethical of projects-- far from it.  However, I understand why they would want it. It basically gives them a connection to anybody they want from one remote location.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you do now, because they’ve already got you linked and you don’t even know it.  In the rolling hills of North Central Pennsylvania is where you will find this secret and crazy covert operation.  I guess the reason they chose Pennsylvania is that the state is mountainous enough for them to cover it up and also for them to build underground and into the mountains.  The place is strictly prohibited to visitors. It is totally off limits. We had to pull a few strings and use some magic to be able to get inside, but we were able to manage to do so.  It was a very risky endeavor, but it is the kind of project that gives us life and a purpose. Anybody can go to a graveyard and summon a spirit. This project is way more involved than that.  Should we have been caught at any point in time it would have meant life imprisonment or possibly even death.

I can’t accurately give you a location for the place called the Nexus.  All I really know is that it is somewhere in Pennsylvania. I don’t recall anything that happened about five minutes prior to arriving or five minutes after leaving.  They attempted to scramble our brains and were nearly successful. As you approach the base these undetectable radio frequency waves come at you from all directions. They have it set up that way.  They didn’t seem to affect Deedee nearly as bad as they did me. I’m sensitive to that kind of thing, though. I’ve had ear problems ever since I was a young boy. This piece worked overtime to bring me confusion, feelings of paranoia, a near bout of unconsciousness and even began to give me suicidal thoughts.  That’s not something that’s common for me. That’s how I know it was the work of the government, trying to get people to turn back, to abandon ship. Deedee is very strong cognitively, so she was able to talk me through it, though.

When we got to the place where we’d be doing our investigation, Deedee handed me a piece and told me to wear it.  Instantly, I became somebody that I was not. I can’t tell you who I was or why I had become him, but I know it wasn’t my body.  Or better yet, it was my body it was just taking another form. I looked over at Deedee and she wasn’t herself either. She had also taken a new form.  She also took the form of a man. So, I’m sitting in a car after being mentally assaulted, next to a man who I’ve never seen, in the form of a man that I’ve never seen and out comes Deedee’s voice.  As anxious as I was for the mission ahead, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. She told me to shut up and that made me laugh harder, then she laughed harder, this is our normal routine. Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at others?  Am I right?

Once we got our laughter under control we stopped dead in the middle of the woods.  We had been driving down a stone lane for some time. Again, I have no idea where we were.  Deedee told me to follow her, so I obliged. We got out of the car in our new get ups and we made our way over to this HUGE oak tree.  I mean that thing had to go up into the air at least a million miles. Okay, not really a million, but it was so big. Deedee took the glove that was on her hand off.  She laid her hand on the tree. All of sudden this electronic looking thing came up from the ground out of nowhere. I looked like one of those things you would look into when the doctor is testing your vision.  Except this thing didn’t test anything.

Through the eyepiece, I saw a digital interface with words, “Scan Initiating…”  Next thing I know there is this bright flash of light. It was so bright I had spots in my eye for like five minutes.  At the end of the bright flash of light, the interface read, “Retina scan complete.” A cavern opened up in the ground and we found ourselves traveling down into the Earth.   There were many things that we found strange about the dimly lit corridors that we had to travel. There were humans locked in cells. There were machines whirring away in the background that we could not see.  Body parts sat in jars on shelves, some of them merged together in ways that were horrifying to see. There were animals and humans merged together to create one entity. At one point, we even saw a whole baby “pickled” in a glass jar.  None of those beings were alive, except for the humans in cells. The rest were not living. Or so they appeared lifeless.

Our investigation did not reach its oasis until we reached the hub of this monstrosity.  The floor gave way to a bridge. On either side of the bride, there were glass pods, with human bodies floating around in them.  The started on the level we were at and went so far down we couldn’t see the end. Horizontally the bodies took up the size of a football field or so.   We have no clue how many layers they went down though. There was a bridge that crossed the center of where the pods were at to the other side of the cavern in the ground.  As we crossed we could see inside the pods. They were what looked like perfectly intact human bodies in what we could best describe as an amniotic sack. On the other side of this cavern, there was a single worker in white scrubs, with gloves, wearing the same attire we had assumed.  He called us by some name but I don’t remember what it was. We had a rather awkward interaction about what was going on there. Here looked at us kind of strange, because we were already supposed to know, but we just dismissed it as having a long day. He agreed and said working under the ground for 16 hours a day gets to him too sometimes.  

What we were able to figure out is that this cavern is called the Nexus.  It a place where scientists that have been hired by the government have created clones of every single living human being in the world.  That’s NINE BILLION people. Maybe more. When we asked how this was made possible he simply told us bioengineering and that we already knew about the briefings that were sent out regarding the technology receive by LX235, which apparently is some sort of alien ambassador for an intergalactic senate that includes representatives from a covert world government that has been set up.  The way it was explained to us is the alien species gave us technology that allowed us to drill down into the core of Earth without being affected by the molten lava and other harsh conditions that exist

The Nexus goes down for miles, according to our source and contains a human clone of every single person that is alive.  However, it isn’t just a clone, it’s more like a twin. Each of the clones is hooked up to a massive hub computer that monitors the thoughts, actions, feelings, and emotions of all people at all times.  Certain government officials have been given clearance to carry certain items on their person. This piece holds holographic technology that allows them to connect to the hub computer to zone in a person of their choosing, to see what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what actions they are going to take, to read their mind and to essentially know everything that their brain-- conscious and subconscious knows.  In turn. They can then reprogram their brains to think, feel, or act the way they want them to. It is how they control the minds of celebrities. It’s how they are able to incite mass riots. It is how they are able to make people believe what they want them to believe and act a way they want them to act.

However, there is not nearly enough for them to be choosy about all 9 Billion people on Earth.  This is why they allow some people to become rich and famous. Then they are able to control those bodies, essentially using this power to create human, living zombies.  The crowds are sheeple and they will follow blindly after their favorite celebrities and what they tell them to do. This is why the government shuts down small operations but still allows certain content on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They are constantly monitoring people and if need be they can rewire them. It is the ultimate form of mind control and oppression. They do this so that way the can control both the resources on this planet and the people. They want people to argue over stupid with people like religion, politics, and social class.  They let people become successful enough so that way they think they are in control. In actuality they never truly are. The push of a button and it could all be over, thanks to the Nexus.

Looking back I guess it’s kind of dumb that we didn’t figure this out.  I mean, they hide it in plain sight. Look at movies like the Matrix or Eagle Eye.  Even movies like Snowden are hidden right in front of us, mocking our intelligence, making us believe like something such as this would not be possible on a mass scale, because somebody somewhere would leak information; but when you have control of every person’s mind you can switch it up in the blink of an eye.  The people who patrol actions that may be detrimental to the Nexus? The Men in Black. They are the ones that carry these pieces that allow them to tap into the Nexus, and you know how that goes. We don’t know whether they are human, human prototype, alien, artificial intelligence or something else. What is knowns is that they can cause you to disappear in a heartbeat if they need to.  

Why are we telling all this to you?  Well, for education purposes, but also because we were able to smuggle this piece out.  This piece is one of the pieces that is carried by the Men In Black. It gives you a direct connection to the Nexus.  With this piece, all you have to do is think of a person’s name in your mind. All of their data will be uploaded into your brain.  All of their memories, all of their thoughts, their feelings, happiness, sorry, worries, plans, attitudes, preferences, all of their knowledge including magical abilities if they have them will all suddenly be yours for the taking.  Your mind will see all of this in an instant such as computer does when completing a download or upload. You will know that wholly within a matter of a minute or two. You will then be able to use the Nexus to completely manipulate their thoughts and actions, their behaviors, their magical abilities can be taken from them or new ones can be given to them.  You could even connect to yourself to change your own memories or give yourself new powers or abilities if you wanted to.

The second thing this piece does is cut off your brain from the Nexus.  So, if you want to change your own memories or give yourself power or abilities, do this first.  Because after the energies of this piece have bonded with you for a full 24 hours, your mind will be shut off from the Nexus permanently.  This is how the government creates its MIB agents. It defaults all of a person’s memories (or alien or A.I. or whatever being they decide to hook up to the Nexus), so that way they have no idea why they are doing what they are doing and have undying loyalty to their cause.  It really is a nifty thing they have developed; for them! That why this piece is so important and so powerful-- it allows you to exist outside of the control of the Nexus while giving you complete control over it and the ability to use the same way the government would for mint control and total reconstruction of the human mind.  

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