The Nine Unknown Men
The Nine Unknown Men
The Nine Unknown Men

The Nine Unknown Men

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These men are known as the Unknown Nine or the Special nine. What the group really is,is a secret society where each of the nine men were given a special book.

The book held all sorts of knowledge from anti-gravity,astral travel,time travel and the key to wealth in all societies. The other main thing these nine books held was the deep seed inside the mind of religion along with the secrets of the greatest martial arts.

You may ask why were these nine books made? The Nine Unknown Men did not want the information to fall into the hands of those who would abuse it.

Who are the men. That is a long story as where they started but you can do some searching on your own and you will come up with all the details yourself. What I can tell you is that the Nine Unknown Men still exist today. The group passes the info down to new members.

Here is a short list of other things the books held.

To increase the speed or decrease the speed of time.

To time travel on this world and in other dimensions.

Turning water into healing water which cures any and all things.

The touch of death if and when it was needed.

How to create a UFO of ancient times which is extremely high tech,anti-gravity as well.

The creation of huge amounts of gold.

Now when you look into this and do your research you will see how the gold comes about for those that hold this very rare and magical knowledge. These men also knew everything supernatural and still do.

The Piece your getting will do all you need it to do that is listed sbove.

Now I'm going to tell you now,this piece is not inexpensive as it shouldnt't be. When I say it does these things it does and more. Just another example is that you can influence large amounts of people in a large population and get them to so as you want. The men of Nine also came up with the cure for Cholera too. These are just some little facts you might not know. This is such a powerful piece that to not have this one would be in poor judgement. I know I have one because when the time comes and I need something like this I have it. I'm sure my reasons are much different then other peoples but it doesn't matter!

This piece is one of a kind,ONLY ONE and this is solid sterling silver with a Garnet in the center. This piece was picked out to hold these powers and also so that it could be worn by a man or woman. This is heavy and NOT cheaply made, it won't be going anywhere.

To have this item would mean that you don't need others,you will need no other items.

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