The Ones Who Control the Money

The Ones Who Control the Money

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Although the average, middle-class citizen doesn't seem to be doing too good in France these days, the aristocrats seem to be doing just fine. I don't know how much longer that is going to be true, given the fact that the Yellow vest demonstrators are pretty much tearing things up over there. An estimated 3.5 to 4.5 million dollars of damage was done in Paris in one day. That's crazy. I guess it seems that people have had enough of the soaring prices in France, which allows the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer. It has gotten so bad that declaring a state of Martial Law has not officially been ruled out by their government. I guess this is what happens when the poor people get sick of being crapped by the rich. I mean, their gas taxes are just ridiculous and if you would look up the amount of money they have to shell out for things that would otherwise be considered necessities, it might make your jaw drop.

Either way, families such as the Bettencourts and the Arnaults and the Wertheimers keep on getting richer and richer, This is thanks, in part, to the businesses and affairs that have made them this way. However, it is moreover thanks to the magic that these families and their ancestors have used to gain this wealth and to maintain their wealth status and control over others. They have developed this magic over the course of centuries through blood rituals and human sacrifice among other magical practices. Items have been made during these rituals that have been passed down as family heirlooms that allow these families to keep on getting richer and richer, while they exploit the commoners for their hard earned money.  It is a principle that we see in virtually every country in the world, as well as the Illuminati over the entire population of the world. Rich people can never be trusted. There is a reason that they are rich. They are motivated by wealth and if they had the chance to gain more they would most likely take it.

That is why we are offering this piece. This piece is a Bettencourt Family Heirloom. Don't ask how we got this piece. It's quite involved and I'm not at liberty to tell you the whole story. Believe me, if I could tell you, I would. You would probably shake your head in disbelief, too. It was quite the process. Either way, this piece is the procurement of wealth. This is all that this piece does, but it is all that this piece needs to do. If you want to gain so much wealth that you will rival even the most wealthy families on Earth, then this piece is for you. This piece is sterling and it is not super old like some of the heirlooms are, but it was made during a blood ritual that took place sometime in the 90s. It has remained in their family until now. Now, it is going to remain with you and your family, or whatever it is you plan on doing with it. Again, this piece does nothing but bring great wealth in many forms and throughout many areas of your life. It is the wealth of the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. It is deeprooted wealth that will stay with you and your family for generations to come.

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