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Many years ago, a man named Deacon who had been travelling from place to place by ship happened upon a woman whose eyes were the lightest shade of brown he had ever seen, her fair skin appeared to be unblemished and soft, and her dark hair was long enough to reach her hips. She had had a haunting sort of beauty but it didn’t reside entirely in her eyes, skin, or hair but rather in the fact that she did not have legs. Where a pair of legs should have been there was an intimidating long ember-colored tail.

When the man had asked the woman where he was, where the crew he had been travelling with had gone, how he had gotten there, and whom she was, she had not quite answered but had rather simply smiled a small coy smile and had only answered one of his several questions.

She had revealed her name to be Alia.

Immediately, the man had found himself forgetting about the questions and becoming immersed in the mermaid’s beauty. He had listened in a daze as the mermaid would hum a soft song, her voice far more gentle and melodic than any melody he had ever heard before. Captivated, Deacon had been at ease. Even as other mermaids wondered around nearby, occasionally inching closer to examine the man who had somehow remained alive for so long, Deacon did not feel burdened or worried. He was under Alia’s spell.

Restless, the other mermaids would occasionally chastise Alia for playing with her food, advising her to kill the human quickly but she never listened. Slowly but surely, though she herself did not understand why, Alia had fallen in love with the man.

As more time past, the other mermaids began to grow even more restless and Alia knew that it was only a matter of time before her love would be taken from her. It was, after all, forbidden for mermaids to love humans and she knew that she hadn’t been hiding her feelings that well from the beginning.

Unable to bare the thought of her love being killed, Alia decided to sneak away with him at the first opportunity. Unable to walk upon land, Alia had sat against the beach beside her love, listening to his promises to return every day to see her with a heavy heart. She knew already that there would be no way for their love to prevail as they were from two very different walks of life.

Regardless, Alia allowed them to meet each day for some time, at the mercy of her own feelings. As time went on, listening to the man’s stories of life had begun to weigh even more heavily on Alia’s shoulders, leaving her to feel as though she was holding the man back from experiencing many things in life just to humor a romance with no true future. Eventually, Alia knew that she needed to set her love free.

One day, Alia met with Deacon as she always did, but this time with what she told him to be a gift. She presented it to him under the condition that he promise that he would travel, explore the world and all its secrets as he had done before he had met her. Deacon would not agree, refusing to go anywhere without the mermaid and so Alia, desperate, had promised the traveller that she would follow him anywhere that she was able if she was his one true love.

Naïve, the man argued that she was his only love but Alia was certain that it wasn’t true and insisted that the man accept her gift and do as she asked. Reluctantly, Deacon accepted the gift Alia had presented him with, prepared to argue further. However, the second Deacon had touched the stone, his conscious had felt entirely clear and despite him staring at the face of the woman he supposedly loved, he felt as though he had never met her before.

Able to see and feel the shift in her love’s being, Alia had felt her heart sink. A small part of her had been hoping all along that the stone would choose her but she had known that it was both impossible and for the best. She promised the man safety and love, instructing him to keep the stone with him at all times as it would lead him to his true love and a happy life at some point along his journey.

Years had gone by after the day Alia had given the man the stone and had sent him away but she would still visit their same place each day hoping that, by some miracle, the stone would lead the man back to her. It never did.

Since then, the stone has seen many journeys and appears now as beautiful as the day it had been created. It will lead you to the one that you are destined to be with. It is never wrong.

This pendant can be worn two ways, sideways or up and down. This will not only find you someone but it can also get you who you already want.

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