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I showed this off to people a few months ago and those that were interested could buy it at a great price,800.00. This is the only piece that I have that causes the death of another. I keep these pieces close because you never know who wants such a thing. I do monitor who gets certain items through a variety of ways. I need to do this because of the type of item and the damage it can do. A long time ago I had a man from NJ that would take all these things off of my hands. When he would meet me at the Turnpike rest stop he had signals he would toss that kept the evil intact within the piece. This is not one you need to do that with as you must feed it to get it to work.
Feed it you say, well yes you do. But getting back to why these pieces are carefully watched over. Some people say that you have no right to kill another. I beg to differ. While it is true I'm a white light, no, wrong, I'm a dual person as most people are. Those that claim to be all white light bleed red just like the rest of us and live in some fantasy world, trust me. I met a woman that claimed this and once she pissed me off even her ass became dual. Of course, her dualing with me was not a winning situation for her, none the less no one is pure white light unless your an angel. Did I mention I'm no angel? While I try to ride my car into the white light there are many detours along the way. 
I have tested this item and taken the balls off of a grown man. Yes, I did and yes I'm still to this day glad! So death is not the only thing you can do with it but damages, why yes you can create some serious damage. I'm going to be using this particular item tonight, I won't say what I will be doing with it but I do use it only when I should. Now while I believe that only God can decide who can live and who dies I also know that Jesus died for my sins and the ones I'm about to commit. Thank God I have God! I'm almost feeling Catholic tonight as I'm about to set this red devil into motion but I know that sometimes somethings need to be done. If the person is evil then let evil beget evil. I also know that Revenge is mine said the lord. I get all that but I have my own revenge.
I do not seek revenge as revenge would have to be hunted down. I create my own because I'm creative and can be my own worst enemy. So tonight this will be used yet again. I believe that there can come a time when things must be taken into your own hands and that also you may one day need to eliminate a true enemy, why have it be open season on you.
As I said before this piece needs to be fed. You must place a drop of blood on the teeth of the devil. Then you will take it and clip it onto your collar where your top button would be and then speak what you want. This is seriously that easy. 
When I offer offline pieces they are always at a discount, 90 percent of them sell. This one I only advertised to a few and it did not move or people thought it sold. Once it goes on the website the true price is shown and it is often extremely high priced as this one is. Luckily you can still get a discount for a few days if you take advantage.
If you use this you will never, ever be disappointed and there is no karma as that is what the feeding is for.

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