The Ouroboros Club | STAR
The Ouroboros Club | STAR

The Ouroboros Club | STAR

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The original members under the Ouroboros are vaguely forgotten by history but this isn't due to their lack of presence or impact. It is more a conscious choice by them than anything else. They seldom pull people into their circle of power, which is more of a recent thing and we are not entirely sure why. They're very selective and the appearance of their symbol anywhere is sometimes difficult to discern authentic from faux due to there being a number of copycats for this society. Most of them are a complete waste of time. We know this because we've had the unfortunate first hand experience of crossing almost every single one of them in an effort to find the real one. The details leading up to this find aren't really worth telling. In all actuality, most of it is comical but not essential or relevant - it's for another time.

The Ouroboros' are spread out and subtle. They do not openly practice their magic. In fact, they do not even gather until certain times. These times are not during a specific time of the year either. It is planned specifically, carefully and circulates through the members over a period of time. A select number of us were lucky enough to attend one of these, during which we found out that the last one that took place was around 72 years ago and it was a mass more than anything else. This one was not a mass, it was more of a sacred conjuring during which the original members of the Ouroboros' were summoned with the purpose of renewing the power and knowledge circulation of the society.

When we arrived, we realized that there were a significant lesser number of people than we were expecting for a society with the reputation such as theirs. It is because the society is dwindling and definitely not thriving as it once was. We are confidence that this society is reaching its end due to the nature of their laws and beliefs.

The conjuring was not the same as the ones we are used to. To conjure these spirits at all, a specific sacrifice is required. The sacrifice must be a willing one and the blood in their veins must be pure. This means that the chosen sacrifice must be either a virgin and descended down from the original members or it must be a current member of a bloodline with the Ouroboros' whose ancestors have been directly descended from one of the originals.

Contrary to what the term might suggest, the members are not killed. They are put into a trance that allows them to accept the soul of one of the Originals into their physical being, during which their own conscious goes completely dormant to allow the Original control over their body. They resign themselves to the control of these entities. During this time, the Original - during our attendance, there was only one Original conjured - will select a number of people to bless with power.

Much to our surprise, despite not being a member, I was chosen during this event. He referred to me as "Outsider" whenever he addressed me but he told me that the reason I was chosen was not because the power was mine but because I would bring the power to the one that is truly destined to own it. He refused to give me a name even though I did ask. He merely stated that the power he was going to give me was not meant for me. He told me that the one who came to know of it would feel the pull toward it and would make sure that it became theirs. The power would answer to no one else.

The following is what the Original told me you will experience. He specifically insisted that I reassure the future owner of this piece that they are fated to this item and what they will experience is unique and unlike anything that can be granted by the likes of another vessel of magic. The reason being, that this piece, through destiny, is tailored to you. You will first encounter something similar to a full psychic awakening but it will be vaguely more vivid. The awakening will be linked with a series of tethers - attachments to various realms and spiritual beings - that align you with the original members of the secret arrangement under the Ouroboros'. You will be exposed to the ancient knowledge of the original Ouroboros'. You will be able to temporarily summon or console the Original that gave me this piece to pull the final aspects of power that you may require to full utilize this piece at any time.

I assure you that, if the power within this piece is even slightly as powerful or empowering as what it felt like to simply be in the presence of this entity, whomever is destined to acquire this item is extraordinarily lucky. Like we said before, they do not pull in members or grant people the knowledge that they need to carry their legacy so it is likely that there will not be another opportunity to get another piece like this.

This pendent is an original death bead. You put death beads - if you look it up - outside of tomes and they run up to $2,000 or $3,000 per bead and that is a fact. This is a very rare death bead in the shape of a mummy. The powers of this bead are immense. They say they mixed the power with the blood and bones of the mummy and the making of. Then they sat it on top of the golden capstone of the Great Giza Pyramid, where the blood, bone and material where laid out for what they called 13 Days - their moon cycle. This piece comes in at a wonderful price for its extreme power and being an original piece for only $2,000.


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