The Peacock Angel, Melek Taus
The Peacock Angel, Melek Taus
The Peacock Angel, Melek Taus

The Peacock Angel, Melek Taus

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The Order of the Peacock Angel is a secret society that first formed back in the 1960s. It began in Britain and was founded on the ancient religious beliefs of the Yezidis. The Yezidis were a group that was wildly misunderstood people who faced allegations of devil worship from both Muslims and Christians alike. Their religious practices actually have nothing to do with Satanic worship. Rather, they worship an entity, the peacock angel, that goes by the name Melek Taus.

Like I said before, Melek Taus is not a new concept. The Yezidi people and their ancestors have been venerating this angel since ancient times. The modern-day Order of the Peacock Angel is not the first time that the angel has shown up since the discovery of the angel by the ancestors of the Yezidi people.

In fact, it is a little known fact that Marie Antoinette and a few members of her inner court were avid followers of Melek Taus. They performed very many rituals for the Peacock Angel and he granted her many things. Among the things that he granted her was the exorbitant amount of wealth that she enjoyed until she was executed.

It is secretly believed that the reason she was executed was that people found out about her little secret that she kept with her inner circle and their worship of Melek Taus. People that knew her became jealous of the powers that Melek Taus was able to grant her, including her wealth. When the queen refused to give up her secrets, rumors were spread about her. This eventually led to the French Revolution that got her beheaded. Too bad she didn't think to call upon Melek Taus to put down the rebellion. Maybe she wasn't smart enough, or maybe she decided she was going to handle it herself.

Be what it may, the secrets of Marie Antoinette and her ability to call upon the Peacock Angel was eventually passed down along royalty bloodlines. They performed many rituals for Melek Taus who granted them many things. It was in the 1960s that this secret was first leaked to a group of people who were into spiritualism and the metaphysical. These people looked into it more so they could answers directly from the source. It was then that they established their secret order. It is important to know that while the knowledge of Melek Taus is ancient, the practices that the Order of Peacock Angel partakes in are the ones developed by the royalty. The secret spread and marriages between royal families of different empires were arranged. This is how the secret became a European thing versus a French thing.

This piece is one that was created during one of the rituals of the Peacock Angel. This ritual involved dances that invoked the angel, but the most memorable part of the whole thing was when the presence of the Peacock Angel entered the people who were doing the sacred dance of the peacock. The entity took possession of their bodies and they began to writhe and twist and they opened their mouths. From their mouths came the most peculiar sounds. They were kind of angelic, but also kind of spacey sounding. It was definitely nothing we had ever encountered and was one for the books.

These sound emanated over and over again, filling the chamber that we were watching the ritual take place in. It went on like this until a multicolored began to take form in the center of the ring where the ritualists were dancing. The entity didn't necessarily take the form of peacock birdy, but entrails of light burned within the entity and lapped at the ceiling and the walls. I only say burn because there is really no other word to explain what I witnessed. The "flames" didn't do any damage to the structure but just kept lapping as flames do.

After several minutes, the angelic entity began to reverberate and its body made the same kind of sounds that were coming from the ritualists' mouths. From with this body of the angel, these orbs began to form and the fell to the ground. Without hesitation, the peacock let our an ear piercing sound and then it disappeared. The practitioners fell to the floor and the people who had been observing, such as ourselves, hurried and scooped up the orbs, which were described as the peacocks "eggs."

Inside of these eggs were beautiful items. The varied in how they looked. Some of them were gold, others were silver. They contain all kinds of beautiful colors and different types of precious stones and gems. It was explained to us that these items that were given to them are what keeps them in constant connection to the Angel. Using the pieces that were given to them allowed them to ask the peacock for what they wanted. This was done in the form of prayers and it was told to us that there wasn't a prayer that the Peacock Angel could not answer. Their prayers and requests were all answered, some of them immediately, some of them in time. According to the group, there was never a request made to Melek Taus that has not been answered for them.

We were gifted one of the pieces that came from the orb-eggs. This piece is heavy sterling silver with real gemstones. They vary in color, but you can see how they would resemble the colors of a peacock. This piece is powerful because it gives you a direct connection to the Peacock Angel, Melek Taus. Although the entity is called an angel and has been throughout time, I do not exactly know what kind of entity it is for sure. I know that it is nothing evil. It is a pure white light entity. It is a granting entity and will grant anything that you ask of it. The kind of magic that it uses the grant these requests is mysterious and is unlike anything that I have ever encountered. It is crazy powerful. You do not want to miss your chance to own this piece. We almost kept it, but that defeats the purpose of our missions in life to provide the most unique metaphysical items to the people.

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