The Perfect Soldier, Russia's Secret Operatives
The Perfect Soldier, Russia's Secret Operatives

The Perfect Soldier, Russia's Secret Operatives

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If you thought Project MKUltra was bad, then things just got worse.  I can remember back to those times when the United States government, which is supposed to stand for freedom and liberty, decided it was alright to infringe upon the rights of its citizens.  They simply kidnapped American citizens, mostly unwanted orphans and homeless people, and began experimenting on their brain.  The ultimate goal of the project was mind control.  It is unclear whether they wanted to implement mass mind control in an attempt to fully control the nation or if they wanted to create spies.  Does it really matter?  At the point the American government was no better than the people who were keeping me hostage in France, to use me for the powers I was developing.  
Now, years later when the United States an Russian have all but struck up another version of the Cold War, there is spying going on at an all-time high.  They may not tell you this out in the open, but I can assure you that given the information that I have the spying is going on.  Both sides have equally equipped spy programs, but as far as this piece is concerned it seems that Russia has the upper hand.  I'll tell you why in a moment.  I received the ring from a few American operatives who are working inside the Russian Hierarchy.  They say there are more of these rings, which is kind of scary for American.  Then again, American probably has something equally as dangerous working against the Russian, so it all balances out in the end.  
The ring that I am talking about is the perfect soldier ring.  It has been created as an continuation of the same project that brought the infamous Russian Woodpecker. The Russians don't really name all of their projects because it makes them a lot less likely to be found out.  The Russians don't want to be out.  This ring is about as close to being found out that they are going to get.  There are no worries, though.  I have disconnected any ties to the Russian government that this ring has ever carried, this way you don't have to worry about the Russians trying to mind control you as well, or even worse, the Russians showing up at your door, because you have an item that they made.  There's absolutely no way they can track this ring.  
The ring, as I'm sure you can see in the picture is a US Military ring.  It bears US insignia and this is all on purpose.  You see, Russia has spies already in the United States, which how they scored this ring in the first place.  It was then taken over to Russian where massive amounts of energy and magic were poured into it.  It was then getting ready to be sent back to the United States when it was intercepted by American Spies in Russian.  It's literally like good spy vs. bad spy these days.  
The item holds the powers and abilities to create the perfect soldier.  It begins by reconditioning the mind to open the psychic abilities.  This allows the person using the ring to read the minds of others.  It also gives them the ability to interject their own thoughts (or thoughts they have been instructed) into the mind of that same person.  This piece also allows the soldier to move things with their mind, to see the future and how everything they are doing is going to play out.  They have to know everything is being successful or not; so they can see all aspects of the future.  This piece makes the perfect assassin as well, as it deletes any and all DNA and rearranges the fingerprints, that way whomever is wearing this piece is not easily identifiable.  
This ring will give you super human strength, stamina, mental astuteness, the ability to endure extreme conditions.  We're talking like Ironman conditioning.  It allows you to astral project yourself into other realms or to travel back in time if that is necessary.  It allows you to bi-locate yourself, so you can see far away from where you are.  It allows you to, again, physically take over the mind of other individuals and use them as your drones.  It allows for invisibility, as in you can cloak yourself from the sight of others, because it has cloaking technology.  
This piece is seriously powerful.  If becoming superhuman is anything you've ever dreamed of, to the point where you're almost like a Marvel character, then this is the piece you want to go with.  I know there are more of these items out there, but I highly doubt your chances of ever seeing another one are likely.  I don't even think I'll ever see another one like it.  I have one of these items and once it is gone it is gone.  Now is your opportunity.  Do not delay.   


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