The Pharaoh's Wealth Compass
The Pharaoh's Wealth Compass

The Pharaoh's Wealth Compass

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This piece is multifaceted in what it can do for you. This is because the powers from which this piece was created are multifaceted. They once belonged to an ancient entity, which is the Pharaoh Khufu. He is the one that was visited by Extraterrestrials in ancients times and commissioned the building of the Pyramids. He is the Pharaoh of legend and of legacy. He knew many different powers and had many powerful relics and items, some of which he created himself. Others were made for him by the Egyptian High Priests. Either way you look at it, his collection was extremely enviable. When he died he was buried with an inscription that was written in such a way that it was nearly impossible to read. It was written in neither Egyptian or any other known language of the time. Instead, it was written in the language of the dead. The only true way to read what was written in the book was for somebody to develop a psychic connection to it. This didn't happen until relatively recently when it was discovered that the script was an instruction to recreate one of the Pharaohs most prized possessions. He used his version of this piece wherever he might go, so it only makes sense that he left instructions for somebody, somewhere to reconstruct the piece so that way they can enjoy the magic, too.

We didn't make this piece. Rather, we got it from an antique store in West Virginia that has a "secret chamber" of antiques in the basement that not too many people actually know about. How did they get it? I don't know, but they gave us the whole backstory. When testing this piece, it does exactly what they say it will do and when bonding to it, you can feel the presence of the Pharaoh, so we know they are telling the truth. This piece was remade in American by a fraternity of wizards that calls themselves the Brotherhood of Thoth. Where they got the magic from, I can't rightfully say, because I don't know. Again, I'm going off of basics here, so basics are all I can really give you. What's done is done and what's magic is magic. This piece is magic. What I know is that is has been cast with an ancient spell called Khufu's Charm. What does this mean? It holds some of his favorite forms of magic, in their most powerful form. Being that he's the king with all the knowledge, I'd wager to say that they are pretty powerful. Well, you know, besides the act that I personally tested this piece because I love all things Egyptian.

Here's the deal. This piece is called the Pharaoh's Wealth Compass, but it does a lot more than that. For starters, this piece brings wealth to you and lots of it, in many different forms, throughout all areas of your life. This will be all kinds of wealth and will come in the quantities known to Khufu when he was the ruler of Egypt. If you are a treasure hunter or if you are looking to become a treasure hunter, then this piece is excellent. The compass on this sterling ring will lead you right where you want to go. Also, if you are into ghost hunting, vampire hunting, werewolf hunting, or anything of such sort, this piece is perfect for you. One of Khufu's favorite past times was locating the dead. When using this piece, you will be able to locate any paranormal entity. When you are wearing it, the arrow on the compass will act as a signal and will spin around frantically when it detects something paranormal or out of the ordinary. This includes ghost and spirits that you cannot see.

Now pay attention, because this is where it gets rather interesting. As Khufu was the Pharaoh that is most associated with the Pyramids, this ring gives you the ability to astral travel to the capstone of the Egyptian pyramids. This is a crazy powerful ability. Why? Because in the capstone of the Egyptian pyramids, you are in the network of knowledge. There is no question that you cannot ask that will not be answered for you. This could be as simple as asking a question because you legitimately want an answer or it could be asking a question because you want to gain a power or ability. Whatever it might be, this piece will answer your questions 100% of the time with accurate answers. It will also allow you to see the magic of the pyramids and it will allow you to travel to other pyramids by opening up a network of astral travel stations that you will be able to travel to. We told you this piece was interesting! FCFS, don't miss out on your chance to make this one yours!

I think I mentioned it before, but I can't find it in the writing. This piece is sterling silver!

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