The Plaguer
The Plaguer
The Plaguer

The Plaguer

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First things first, if you guys don’t pay attention to religious news, let me give you an update. There continue to be various apparitions taking place around the world. According to a top source at the Vatican-- although you know those can be sketchy-- we are in the beginning stages of the Apocalypse. The earthquake and tsunami in Haiti can’t just be a coincidence. I mean, how often were we hearing about this stuff even 20 or 25 years ago. Either way, all I’m saying is be ready, folks.  



Having reminded you of all that, I have had people contacting me and asking me what they can do to help in the battle of good versus evil. You can pray. That helps. Also, we have some pieces-- such as this one-- that will help you do your part. This piece is what we call a sin-eater and it has quite the storied past. It comes from a time when the globe was hammered with pestilence and neighbors turned against each other. You know, kind of exactly what is happening today.  



This piece is a modernized piece of the original. It has been modernized with time alchemy, but not too modernized. It still has some years on it. I don’t think it is antique, but it could be vintage and it is made of sterling silver and gorgeous stones. It comes from an entity that is known as the Plaguer.  



The plaguer was a regular man named Kristoff who caught the Bubonic plague during its first epidemic. He died, but when he got to Heaven God could see that Kristoff was a devout believer and had a good soul, so he sent him to the earth to become what we call the plague. And if his name sounds intimidating or frightening that is because it is.  



During the first plague, the Justinian Plague is when Kristoff first received his powers from God. After dying he ascended to Heaven. God sent Kristoff back to Earth with a very special power. This is the power to both cause pestilence and also to eat sin. He was sent as a great judge of the masses, given God’s own conscience to judge the people of the Earth. God did this as a way to cleanse the holy from the unholy, as the world had turned into a parading shit-show and full mockery of what it was intended to be.  



The immortal Plague traveled the world with the powers that God had given him. When he came across populations he would listen to their souls. This is something that God can also do during judgment. If their souls were righteous, he would eat their sin from them. This would cause a divine healing with the soul and body of that person. However, if the soul wasn’t pure there was no mercy. They were stricken with illness. It was evil in its most vile outwardly form. If you don’t believe me, look up pictures of what some of those plague victims looked like. Read some of the descriptions.  



Anyway, it seemed the Londoners feared the worst in Kristoff’s search for pure souls. After his attempt to find pure souls caused the Black Death, London could never really catch a break. The Bubonic plague resurfaced in London roughly every ten years from the mid 14th Century until the Great Plague of 1665. A total of 100,000+ Londoners were killed from the plague that go around, with a total of 20% of London dying over the course of three hundred years and 40 outbreaks.  



After the plague of 1665, Kristoff retired from his post as the Plaguer. The powers and magic that God had given him were placed into a vessel. This vessel has changed many times over the course of history. It used to be in the Possession of a group called the Knights of Saint Christoper-- a modernization of Kristoff’s name-- but I’m not so sure who owned the piece and how it was decided who should own the piece. While future holders of this piece have not had the success that Kristoff had while he was on Earth, they did manage to cause pandemics such as Ebola, The Spanish Flu, Cholera, and Smallpox. I know what some of you are thinking right now and I’m going to speculate because we really just don’t know. Just keep in mind that the Black Death alone wiped out 200 million people. COVID so far is only 4 million and we know that there are way more corrupt souls these days than there were in those days.  



Having told you this morbid story, let me finally tell you what this piece will do for you. First of all, this is an alchemic adaptation of what the piece originally looked like, but it is the original piece. This piece grants you half the power of the Plaguer. We have made the decision to modify this piece so that way it no longer has the ability to cause illness. We have enough going on in our world and we are trying to help, no assist, remember?  



Instead, this piece allows you to eat the sins of the righteous. It allows you to make the holy and fortify their bodies with white light and energy. It allows you to eat evil from the world. It allows you to eat sin from the world. It allows you to draw out all kinds of evil, including being able to do exorcisms. You will be able to command with the authority of God because this piece gives you his authority. You will be able to read people's souls and minds to know if they are truly righteous.  



You will not receive immortality, but as a reward for your contribution, you will receive an archangelic transformation when you arrive in Heaven. This is the same type of transformation that created Metatron and the same type that Kristoff received himself when finally ascending. It is powerful and will give you all the perks, benefits, and magic that an archangel would have. In fact, you will receive those abilities while still in the flesh. The body you will have to wait for until you crossover and ascend.  




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