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These are polarizers and they balance and align your magnetic field. What can that do for you?  Well it is some amazing stuff!

Here is the list and then how you need to use it.

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Lowers your weight.

Stops astral attacks from the living and negative spirits.

Gives you better sex and energy.

Increases intelligence and provides viral immunity.

Helps with gray hair.

Yes I haven't had anything like this ever so I'm super excited about it. These came from the organization of the fountain of youth and eternal upright. Yes that is the name of the organization. Weird sounding but who cares!

How do you use this little gem?

Very easily but you may need a compass, they are inexpensive so if you need one don't worry. If you have a iphone I know that comes standard on the pre set apps.

OMG I just saw an OxiClean commercial and those people must live like pigs! Who lets a wedding dress get dragged through mud and then hangs it up? These commercials! Lindy and I were just talking about the commercial where they sing the song I will stand by you, never let anyone hurt you, blah blah blah. I swear I'm going to do a commercial where I sing and sway back and forth but it will be a parody of that commercial except mine will be REAL! I will show the electric company coming to shut people off and people yelling I thought you would stand by me. Trying to get free groceries, you know, real life shit! Media makes me really sick!

To use this you will get ONE gem and you will place it in the NORTH direction of your bedroom or where you sleep. Also it is advised that you sleep North to South but you don't have to! The stone will be placed under your bed in the North direction. That is all you need to do in order for this piece to work.

What you are getting. You are getting ONE STONE, NOT the entire string you see in the picture.

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