The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!
The Pour, from the deep underground!

The Pour, from the deep underground!

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The Capitoline Wolf is the most important aspect in the history of Rome.  They say that everything happens for a reason, but you have The Capitoline Wolf is the most important aspect in the history of Rome.  They say that everything happens for a reason, but you have to admit that for Romulus and Remus things weren't exactly looking up when they were floated down the Tiber River.  You see, their mother was a vestal virgin and daughter of the previous king, Numitor.  She conceived by means of divine conception.  Try explaining that to people who thought they were experts in religion and demanded the death of a vestal virgin who had gone back on their vow.  Evidently, that is not something that they take very lightly.  The punishment for such a transgression is being buried alive.  
King Amulius, who had displaced his brother as the king, saw this an opportunity to get rid of the twins, whom he saw a threat to his kingship, as they would have been direct heirs to the throne.  Knowing that it would also cause unrest to kill a past monarchs wife, he had her arrested and thrown in jail.  Her twin boys, Romulus and Remus were abandoned in a basket on the Tiber River and left to fend for themselves.  They were protected by the Father of the River, Tiberinus until they made landfall.  They were then found by a magical she-wolf who suckled them to keep them alive.  The she-wolf, who became known as the Capitoline Wolf, was not just a regular wolf, but one that was created by the gods to hold their ancient knowledge.  The milk that was received by the twins Romulus and Remus was not regular wolf's milk, rather it was the Milk of Life and Knowledge.  
It wasn't until later in life that this knowledge was manifested within the twins.  They were eventually adopted by a shepherd named Faustulus, unaware of their identities.  As they entered into adulthood they began to notice that they had certain magical capabilities and knowledge.  They were given the knowledge to become great leaders and when it came time for them to establish a capital for their kingdom there was a dispute.  Long story short, Romulus gained favor with the gods, which grew the contention between the twins.  Eventually, Remus was killed by his brother Romulus who went on to become the founder of Rome.  Romulus absorbed the energies of his twin, which made him twice as powerful.  
The wolf of knowledge has lived out her days in the cave where she suckled the twins, which has come to be known as Lupercal.  To keep the tradition of the passing of knowledge from the gods to mortals, a secret fraternity was established by the Capitoline Wolf.  The fraternity is reared from childbirth to be a superior magic race of human beings.  The wolf suckles the young children of the fraternity who are fed the wisdom milk and who grow up in the pure, unadulterated magic of the she-wolf and the gods.  The cave has become their home.  It is where they live.  It is where they practice their magic.  It is also where the enchanted pitcher that we are selling has come from.  We did not go on an investigation to get the pitcher.  We traded a very high priced item in order to get this piece.   This piece has come from Lupercal and it was created by the Lupercalian Fraternity during a festival that is called Lupercalia.
Lupercalia is a festival of promiscuity and sexual magic.  The tradition is long standing, having been created long before the Roman civilization.  In present times, Christians have masked this Pagan holiday by Saint Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is a fake and is celebrated as a day of love and union.  The original story of Saint Valentine has nothing to do with love.  It just doesn't add up.  It is, once again, the Catholic Church's way of covering up the truth behind this sacred time of year and the acquisition of magic.  During the festival of Lupercalia, humans allow their carnal and deepest sexual desires to take over.  They go on the hunt for sexual partners, with whom they copulate.  The sex gives off very heavy energy that allows for the creation of magic.  In fact, it isn't uncommon for gods to fully possess the bodies of humans to join in on the hunt.  It was during this festival and using Lupercalian magic that was created during the hunt.  
This piece was forged by sacred fire and holy metal.  The symbol on the pitcher might look like Satan, but it is actually the ancient god of wisdom and free-flowing knowledge.  Even so, Satan appears this way in his purest, non-evil form.  This is his form as the morning star and bearer of light.  The power he holds basically translates to the same powers that the ancient god of knowledge and wisdom.  In fact, his physical manifestation is very similar to what Lucifer would look like in light-bearer form.  The image of this god has been forged into this pitcher.  It has transformative powers that are more powerful than 99% off the artifacts that we offer.  We would normally keep something like this for ourselves, but the experience simply isn't the same without the original artifact when you are dealing with this magic.  This is because it is from this artifact that the magic is created.  
First and foremost, allow me to tell you that we have had this piece for a substantial amount of time.  We have been working with it the entire to time to make sure that we could give you a full understanding of what this piece is all about and what it can do for you. We have had experiences with this piece that are unbelievable.  While explaining these pieces, I will be talking as though I am the one that experienced all of these forms of magic.  The truth is that we have collected data from several testers who each had a different experience with the artifact.  To begin with, we were able to use this piece to grow our own Fruit of Knowledge.  We grew this fruit in many different forms.  It can be an actual tree such as an orange or apple tree, it could be a tomato plant or a grapevine.  
These are just a few examples.  It can be used to create anything edible that you are going to ingest.  You will fill the pitcher up with water to water your plant.  As you water your plant or tree, it has a magical effect on the fruit that it bears.  This fruit becomes the fruit of knowledge.  Whatever you want to know will be shown to you.  You will ask a question before eating the fruit.  The fruit becomes the knowledge that you want to know.  Once you digest the fruit, this knowledge becomes part of you.  You can grow as much or a little fruit as you want.  Again, you will ask a question to the universe before eating your fruit.  Once you eat the fruit, you will be given this answer telepathically.  
You will also be able to use this piece to create the Knowledge Milk that was suckled by Remus and Romulus.  This knowledge inducing magical hallucinations that will allow you to travel to the places that you want to see.  To create this Milk of Knowledge all you have to do is fill the pitcher with water.  Allow the water to sit for around three to five hours.  Pour the water out into a glass or some other type of container.  Drink the water in 16-ounce increments.  If you have leftovers, which you will if you are the only one drinking it, you can store it in a container or just keep it in the pitcher for the next time.  It is totally up to you.  When we used this piece we were transported to a realm of Heaven to see the white light pyramids.  We were greeted by an entity with 72 eyes.  Each of the eyes saw into a different realm that held 72 angels.  Each of these 72 angels held a specific power that they were able to grant to us.  We left that day with all the powers of these angels.  
We were able to use this piece to also travel to ancient Atlantis, where we visited the graves of the 8 Kings where we were given the knowledge of the Aryan race and the alien technology and magic that they held.  We were able to see them in their original state with their translucent bodies and their Cyclopic Eye.  we gained a true Cyclopic awakening when the bridge between our brain hemispheres was reconnected and we not only knew the knowledge of the Universe but became the knowledge.  By ingesting the water we were able to travel to the original spirit-form sphinx, the one in full spirit and living form.  It was created by the Egyptians and speaks the answers to the questions that you ask.  All of these things were done simply by drinking Knowledge Milk and allowing our minds to journey and alter our reality to induce and manifest our experiences.  
Another way that these piece works is to prepare a bath using the pitcher.  This is a little bit more involved than simply drinking or growing fruit using water from the pitcher.  You will place water inside of this pitcher and allow it to steep for seven days.  Once the seven days have passed there is an incantation that you will say over the water a total of seven times.  This incantation came to Deedee in a psychic vision.  It will be given to you when you purchase the item. After you say the incantation over the water, the bath will be ready.  You must be completely naked, this is very important.  It represents the body in the primordial form.  You will pour the water over the top of your head and your entire body.  Do not towel dry.  You will air dry.  Allow the pitcher to remain unused for three days so it can recharge.  
Repeat the process two more times, as it must be completed three times.  After your third time, you will begin to shed your mortal skin.  Just as Remus and Romulus became demi-gods after suckling on the Milk of Wisdom, this bath will do the same or you.  Shedding your mortal skin will render you in the form of a demi-god.  You will obtain immortality and the aging clock will stop.  The powers that are kept in the Lupercal and the Milk of Knowledge will become your own.  You will be connected to all other gods and deity forms.  You will exist among a network of power and magic that you will be able to use at all times.  You will be able to visit this network using your subconscious minds and it will allow you to manifest and to become any form of magic that you want or need.  
So, I gave you the basics of what this piece can do for you, but I wanted to take just a moment to share my own experience with this piece.  About a month or so ago I was sleeping when my phone started ringing.  It was like 5 in the morning and all I remember thinking is that this had better be good or somebody is going to die.  I reached over and grabbed my phone.  It was Deedee.  As she spoke to me it became quite apparent that she was excited about something.  I tried to get it out of her, but her excitement could barely be contained.  That’s when she said to me, “Big Buns… listen to me.  I need you to get your ay ess ess on the next train to New Jersey.  Don’t ask questions, just do it.”  
So, about an hour later I found myself on my way to New Jersey.  It wasn’t the kind of thing that I could just astral travel for.  She picked me up from the train station and had our regular round of “two fat ladies in a car singing.”   We got the old Black lady sitting next to us in on it.  She was super impressed with our level of soul.  She told us.  So, we stuffed our faced full of Wawa Breakfast sandwiches, which is where our two fat ladies in a car singing episode went down.  Don’t judge.  
The first thing she did when we got back to the Connectivity House is tell me to sit on the chair and close my eyes.  I obliged not really knowing what was going to happen.  She’s pretty crazy sometimes, so you never know what to expect.  I felt her sit something in my lap, telling me to open my eyes.  At that moment was the first time that I ever laid eyes on the pitcher.  I could feel its energy running through my body and I knew at once this was going to be one of the most powerful items that we have ever gotten our hands on.  
We had other stuff to do that day.  She only told me when I got there.   That stuff isn’t quite important.  In involved New Jersey diner food and an argument with some sniveling snowflake.  The most exciting part of the day was yet to come.   I don’t personally sleep much, but since I was there and I knew that there was work to be done, I tried.  No longer than a second after I slipped into subconscious sleep, I feel this tap on my shoulder.   I hear a whisper that I can’t quite make out.  “Steve!  Steve!  Wake up!’ the voice said.   “Leave me alone, Deedee I’m not hungry!”  Deedee has this bad habiting of waking me up for Taco Bell tacos when I'm supposed to be sleeping.  You should see us cram those suckers in our gullet.  They’re delicious.  
I was tapped again and rolled over getting ready to really let her have it, except I was stopped dead in my tracks.  I looked up and there standing before me was the yummiest piece of eye-candy that I’ve ever seen in my life.   His shoulders were as broad as a Miami Highway and his face gleaming will brilliant radiance.  For the first time in my existence, I was truly speechless.  “Come with me, you can trust me,” the voice whispered.  I remember thinking to myself, “yeah, no.  This isn’t going to end well.”  But then, I remembered that I’ve done dumber things for guys who didn’t look half as good as he did, so I just shut up and took his hand.  
In an instant, I was found myself on a platform in the middle of the ocean.  The water was very choppy and there were waves for as far as I could see.  The man whispered something and the water stopped moving in its tracks.  It was like the water turned to crystal.  I didn’t get hit with a single wave.  The water becomes crystal clear and I could see the whole way down to the bottom of the Ocean floor.   Off in the distance, the water shone like beautiful sea green crystal.  I could smell the salt in the air.  “Follow me,” he said, “But whatever you do, do not look to the left.”  
Of course, I wasn’t having anybody tell me what to do, so I looked to the left anyway.  When I did, I was a little bit set back because there were all these hearts-- maybe 10 or 11 hearts on the ground.  They were human hearts, not attached to their bodies, but they were still beating.  Off to the right were legions of angels, beaming like a thousand suns.   I could not see their faces because their beautiful, glittering wings swoop up to cover them.  I was kind of like the way a bat wraps itself in its own wings to sleep, except their wings were covering their faces.  I continued to follow the beautiful man because that’s what I do best.  I followed him to a cave off in the distance.   
As I followed, the cave began to become more and more into focus.  It glistened and shimmered with gold.  The best way I can describe it is to say it was like that scene in the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy and her friends are on the yellow brick road and they experience the Emerald City for the first time.   I was just in awe of what I saw.  The man beckoned for me to follow, so I did.  Before I entered the cave the angels uncovered the faces.  Their wings fluttered like butterflies and gold dust came falling around me like a very beautiful snow shower.  I followed the man into the cave.  
Inside the cave were all these crystals and each of the crystals had a face.  Each of the crystals had their own voice, but the spoke in a language that I didn’t understand at all.  It was nothing I’ve never heard it before.  As the crystals looked at me and spoke to me, my eyes became fixated on the man in front of me.  I began to feel lust all over my entire body for him.  I could feel a hole in my body where his piercing crystal blue eyes met my own gaze.  Then he disappeared in a dark mist.  I heard a clap and a loud boom.   Standing in front of me was a being whose head was shaped like the one that you will notice on the outside of this pitcher.  In this form, he was twice as tall and when he spoke his voice echoed like a bellowing trumpet.  Not the brass kind, the kind from the Ricola commercials.  
He spoke to me saying, “You make very reckless decisions.  I told you to follow and you shouldn’t have followed.  The hearts you saw were the hearts of mortals who sought me and failed.  The angels are enchanting angels, but their gold dust did nothing to dissuade you.  You have followed me faithfully and loyally, so the secret you shall know.  I am the one that dwells within this piece.  I am the great father of Rome.  It is me who allows the magic of this piece to exist.  It was me that was engraved into this piece during its making.  I allow the growing and eating of the fruit.  I allow the drinking of the Milk.  I am the one that allows spiritual bathing.  I make all this possible and you may ask of me one thing… anything and it shall come true.”  
It was then that he held out the pitcher that Deedee has shown me earlier.  Only, it was missing a huge detail.  Right in the center of the pitchers was nothing at all.  The entity had been completely removed.  He handed it to me and I inspected the whole vessel, but there was nothing there.  At that point, I knew that what he was saying was true.  He had come out of the pitcher to reveal himself to me.  So, I did what anybody would do at that point, and I asked him to grant me the one thing that he had promised.  I’m not going to tell you what I asked for because it is highly personal.  It was after I submitted my request I felt a tap on my shoulder.  
‘Steve… Steve… Hey, Steve… Steve… you wanna go get some breakfast at the Grill?  Why are you holding the pitcher?”
“Hell yeah, I want breakfast!!  But what are you talking about?”  It was at that point that I realized that I was holding the pitcher in my arms, which is weird because it was sitting by the table when I had gone to sleep.  It wasn’t long after I left New Jersey that what I had asked for came true and I’m extremely thankful that it did.  I’m honestly not sure what I would’ve done.  That was less than a week out.  
As if that wasn't enough, the entity that grants the magic into this piece allowed me to experience one of the glitter angels in the mortal realm.  When we returned to the Connectivity House DeeDee asked me to grab something out of the boat.  I went to grab what she was asking of me.  When I did, one o the glitter angels popped up me.  I was able to see into the angel's face and instead of there being a face there looking back at me, it was my own.  I was able to look into my own eyes and to see all my past and future forms of existence and to know my purpose and destiny in life.  All the mysteries surrounding my own existence were answered for me immediately.  
Deedee also had an experience with this piece.  It was nearly the same as mine, except when she first arrived at the cave she had a little bit more time with the "crystals" that I had seen.  In fact, these crystals with the faces weren't actually crystals at all.  They were little amniotic sacs inside which were little beings.  Each of these beings was in charge of a fruit tree.  Each of these fruits bore a special kind of knowledge.  Gazing into the eyes in the crystals was enough to impart the knowledge into her brain.   They were bizarre little forms of knowledge that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.
So… when you ask yourself, “I wonder what kind of items they get at the underground auction?’  Those are the types of items we get.  They are unlike anything you have ever experienced!!

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