The power of five wizards
The power of five wizards
The power of five wizards

The power of five wizards

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We have found that our customers really like our exclusive, conjured pieces.  This is why we have made yet another one.  It making this piece, we used Tomer as our spirit guide, because we wanted to make sure that we were protected on all fronts.  Plus, his extraordinary powers made this piece pretty much a cinch  to put together.  You should hear him when we visit other realms.  He speaks with such command and authority that even the most bold of spirits cower to what he has to say.  I'm not saying that we had to take any of these entities by force, as they were all eager and willing to provide us with what we wanted.  All we had to do is ask; but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, which is why we took Tomer with us.  
Conjured into this collection pieces is the presence of five very powerful entities.  Some of them are more ancients, some of them are more contemporary-- at least in terms of since the beginning of time.  They are five that we really thought somebody would benefit from.  When I say conjure, I mean you can conjure the spirit for their powers.  They will not appear to you, and they are not yours to own.  Rather, they will communicate with you psychically through dreams and visions that they will give you concerning their own powers.  Sometimes you will see them, sometimes you won't, but you will never come home and find Aleister Crowley "just chillin'" in your recliner.  It doesn't work like that.  You actually to make a conscious effort to enliven the powers in this piece.  Whichever item you get, soak it in a dish of salt water with just a drop of your own blood.  This will give the chance for the ring to have an alchemical reaction and will bond these powers to you.
The Five that are summoned by this piece are five magicians/sorcerers/alchemists/spiritists that have held great powers over the years.  There is even a two in one, where the same sorcerer appeared as two very powerful people at two different points in time.  I have pretty much told you all there is to know about how these pieces were made.  They are very powerful and you will come to you in a piece of our choosing.  Without further ado, here are the Five that are custom conjured for you!  
1.) Hew Draper
He is a precarious man and the reason I say this is that he performs disappearing acts better then David Blaine.  Accused of witchery in the 1500s, he never denied the fact that he had taken a fancy to magic.  He was thrown into the Tower of London and tortured mercilessly.  While he was in the tower, Hew decided he wanted to make the place more like home, so he engraved a detailed astrological design, complete with all the zodiac symbols.  Underneath his artwork, he wrote his name and a date.  That date was the 30th of May, 1561.  Nobody ever figured out what he meant, until the day came.  When the guards went into check on Hew this day, they found his cell empty.  He had completely vanished.   He could not have escaped, he was double locked and there was nowhere for him to go.  He did not die anywhere in the prison and he was released.  It is one of the biggest mysteries of the Tower of London till this day.
In accordance to his musings, Hew Draper will grant you the power of Astral Relocation.  Not in the physical sense, but rather in the metaphysical sense.  He will allow you to astrally relocate your core being into any metaphysical realm that you choose.  There are no limits on how you can use this power, as it will relocate your astral self to whatever realm you choose to travel to.  
2.)  Cornelius Agrippa
He was another great wizard of the 1500s.  He wrote quite a few books on spells and the likes.  One of his most famous writings was entitled the Three Books of Occult Philosophy.  This was a book that showed a system of magic.  It worked on three level and included natural alchemy, astronomy, and vocal magic aka the summoning of spirits.  His magic was very white light, as he believed that all magic was rooted in divine work.  He spent his days summoning spirits of all kinds for different purposes.  Then he kind of got wishy-washy after an encountered with a maliciously spirit who some people say was the manifestation of the Devil himself.  He stopped doing magic altogether in 1530 because he was certain that if he didn't, he was destined for hell.  As if!  Magic, especially divine work, is not deserving of Hell in any way shape or form. Rather, there are many instances of it in the Bible, for those of you who wish to religiously persecute.  It's plain to see that magic is a gift from God.  
The power that Cornelius bequeaths to the person who holds one of these piece is the ability to summon any spirit.  It doesn't matter what kind of spirit it is.  Not at all.  If will allow you to command with authority, so that whomever or whatever it is that you are trying to summon cannot hide among realms or in shadows.  They will be forced to come to you, no matter what.  You can then use these spirits to gain powers, learn knowledge, or simply to communicate.  
3.)  John Dee
Jon Dee was a metaphysical revolutionary.  He was the mystical advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.  He was extremely intelligent and read just about any book he could get his hands on.  Later, he published his own book called Monas Hyroglyphica.  This book is essentially a glyph that represent creation and its unity.  Through his magic, he was able to go back to the age before time and see things as they really were before the world and the sun and the moon were created.  Thus, he was able to see the creation of each magic as it was being created.  This gave him the knowledge of each magic that was ever on the face of Earth.  He gained as much knowledge as he could and the hid the messages of sorcery in his book.  It would take a fine-tuned expert to figure something like that out, but through conjuring his soul, you really don't have to.  
John Dee imparts the knowledge of true sorcery to you.  His power in this piece will give you full power over sorcery-- that is the ability to create any type of magic at any given time or any given place.  When you wear your ring, all you have to do is think a power into existence and the thought form will manifest as actual magic.  You can do any type of power, light, dark, dual, whatever.  
4.)  Edward Talbot
Once arrested by the king, until he agreed to turn metal into gold, Edward Talbot was a great alchemist of his time.  He could pretty much turn anything into anything.  He understood how DNA only really exists in the metaphysical world, even though it shows up the physical.  Your DNA is the substance that makes you who you will be for eternity as well.  With this knowledge, the language he invented called the Enochian Alphabet, and alchemy he figured out how to change the DNA of a human being.  This change eventually led to his ability to fully form shift his being into anything that he chose to become.  This is the power that he grants to this collection of piece.  Using this power, you will able to change into anything that you want to be.  It doesn't matter if this is a tree, or a vampire.  You will be able to change your DNA sequence to match whatever it is you wish to become.  
5.)  Aleister Crowley
I don't even have to really get into to detail with this one.  Most of you already know who he is.  There are any number of powers that we could have had him grant for you, but this one is absolutely different.  On the metaphysical realm, there is a Great Hall.  In this Great Hall are the annals of history and all mankind.  The secrets of this realm were given to Crowley when encountered Aiwass, the messenger of Horus.  This ability allows you to travel to the Great Hall, wherein each Egyptian power has been recorded in little floating pyramid orbs.  You can gather these orbs and they will give you all the secrets of all the magic that was lost in Library of Alexandria in ancient times.  I can't really be specific on exactly what powers you will get with this ability, because it depends on what orbs you pick up when you travel to the Great Hall.  I can tell you that between all the orbs that you will find there, you will be able to pick up just about any power that you want to find.       

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