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The majority of creatures become most powerful during a Full Moon, which doesn’t exactly last that long at all—about three days despite the fact that it mayappear full for longer. Magic knows better and, technically, so do we—the shift in power is hard to miss. Some people are unhindered by the moon and do not have to rely on it, while others rely on it quite a bit.


This item’s power peaks during a Full Moon, during which it will absorb and store its energy. It allows the holder to reach their power’s full potential and maintain it for as long as the energy stored is not drained completely. We are not certain about how much of the Full Moon is stored but we know that the item’s supply depletes fairly slowly. We’ve done all that we could think of to attempt to gauge just how much power this item stores and, even with continuous use, we have made it from one Full Moon to another with supply left to spare from the last.


 This piece is better then a charging box and will do all your items at one time. You can charge them up to 31,000 times. You will simply lay your items down and place the stones on top of them all. The stones do not have to touch every single piece but lay next to them. The first day of a new moon you will charge your stones by simply wearing them in the pendant they come in. The next day you can charge your piece to 31,000 the original power. 

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