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This piece is on a sterling silver chain but what is supernatural about it is what happened to it. This piece laid on a coffee table in my house. It was to be a vessel for a woman that wanted miracle healing, she picked it out. I was going to make it one night and after sleeping for a little while because they take a lot of time to make. I sat straight up from the couch because while sleeping I felt a strange coldness. I felt that she was dead. At first I thought I must be losing my mind but after I turned on the light I saw a warrior angel, Michael standing by the coffee table. He was so tall I could tell he made himself fit inside the house. I KNOW he was taller then the house. I know that sounds odd but it hasn't been the first angel I have met in the flesh.

Michael was crying as he stood there. He told me things I could hear with my ears and my inside my head. I can't repeat those things. He also reached out and touched my hands giving me the ability to create with ease miracle items and locate illness on people by physically touching them. This happened a few years ago. As he stood crying a drop of tears like a small spill hit the cross and then he took my hands again and touched the to the chain.

This is a real miracle piece. The money that comes in from these or those I make go into buying more vessels. This week I just sent one out for free. I never ask to send them, I just do as I see fit.

With this piece you will create white light miracles. This will NOT do dark magic or even dual, only the purest white light!

This is a true supernatural angelic powered piece.

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