The Primordial Seven

The Primordial Seven

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If you don't know who the Sumerians were, you need to get with the program. I"ll give a brief description. They were an ancient civilization who paved the way in many forms of magic that still exist and are used on Earth to this day. They directly influence the Egyptian empire and a lot of the magic that was used in Sumerian temples was also used by Egyptian High Priests and in the Egyptian pyramids-- not just the major pyramids in Giza, but in pyramids through the entire empire.

Anyway, the Sumerians had a Pantheon of gods that were extraordinarily powerful. These gods are believed by some to be aliens to descended upon Earth to teach humanity tricks of the trade in terms of magical powers. Some believe the gods to be ancient spiritual presences that manifest themselves through the powers of the universe. Whatever you believe, there is no denying the fact that these gods are super powerful and they hold are the bearers of a massive knowledge of magic.

We obtained this piece from an investigation during which we visited an ancient, hidden Sumerian temple. The temple holds a meeting of like-minded individuals who still practice Sumerian rites and rituals to this very day. We agreed to keep the location of this temple private, simply because the people who practice inside of the temple do not want the government to be involved and force them out for the purpose of excavation or whatever. So, while I'd love to tell you exactly where this temple was located, I can only tell you that it was somewhere in the Middle East.

This piece is the only piece that we came away with. Well, I shouldn't say ONLY like it's a bad thing, because this piece is incredibly powerful. It holds the ability to conjure the Primordial Seven, which is a grouping of seven deities from the Sumerian Pantheon who are the most powerful. They exhibit the best magic and they have absolutely no problem granting these powers to mortals. It's like bearing enlightenment is the sole reason for their existence. So, without further hesitation here are the seven gods that have been incorporated into this piece.

1.) The first God is An, god of the heavens. He is the keeper of the Anutu, which is literally the "god power". When conjuring this deity, he will give you the wisdom of the gods. This is the ability to see and to know all that has happened on Earth. He is the timekeeper and he is the chief of deities. All other deities have received their power through him, so you can think of him as the god that is going to give you the awakening that ushers in the ability to receive powers from the other gods and to be able to process and comprehend the powers and wisdom that they are going to give to you.

2.) Enlil, who is the second god of the heavens and took the throne from his father, An. He is the creator God through whom all magic and entities are created. As such, when conjuring Enlil you gain the ability to create and source any type of magic or give birth to any type of entity that you ask him to help you with.

3.) Enki is the third god and is the god of more than one thing, but for the purposes of this piece, he is the God of Incantation. As God of Incantation, Enki was the God that created passages and rites of saying. As such he is the one that will help you create the spells that you want to cast. When using this piece for the conjuration of Enki, the words that you should say to cast a specific spell will come to you, mainly because Enki is speaking through you. The magic will then be cast because Enki is the originator of incantation and is very powerful at casting.

4.) Inanna is the goddess of love and sexuality. You will conjure her when needing to find love in your life whether that is for the purpose of a relationship or something more platonic such as friendship of kinship. She will bring these kinds of relationships to your life. Secondly, when using this piece for the purpose of finding true love, she will grant you her sex magic. Her sex magic is unparalleled and will assure the sexual satisfaction of both partners that are involved in the relationship. Best orgasms ever!

5.) Utu is the God of justice. Therefore, he will make sure that you receive the blessings that you deserve by allowing you to overcome the many obstacles that you will come across in life. Take your troubles to him and he will make sure that they cease to trouble you. He will also cast vengeance upon your enemies and those who wish to deceive you or do you wrong.

6.) Ninhursag was the mother goddess. She associated with all things natures. As such, she is the goddess that you will summon when you want to use the powers of the elements that are found in nature. They can be concocted in many ways to bring you the powers and abilities that you want. She knows the tricks of the trade and when you ask her for power she will create that power for you. As the mother goddess, Ninhursag also provides divine protection from all things dark and evil, spirits, magic, or otherwise.

7.) Nanna, who is the keeper of all lunar magic and of the zodiac. He is the father of Inanna and had a major role in the creation of existence. He is the keeper of zodiacal gates and lunar magic. When summoning this god, he will shed light upon hidden and occult magic of the universe that is hidden from your magical sight. These are forms of magic that are ushered in using celestial magic or lunar magic or both. These forms of magic are the mysterious ones, including answers behind things that you might not understand on Earth and through the universe.

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