The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes
The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes

The Project of Eden: 21 Angelic Archetypes

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Sometimes things aren't always as they seem.  For instance, during an investigation that we were on in Colorado-- one that led us to the underground base at the Denver International airport-- we also beheld another secret underground location.  The funny thing is that we went to Colorado on a psychic whim that Deedee had.  She came to the office one day and told us that she kept on having psychic visions of a place.  She said she didn't know where it was, that she couldn't pin point the exact location, but she knew that it was in Colorado.  She said she knew that it was in Colorado, because her psychic visions were showing her mountains and a blue horse. Once we all started discussing what the possibilities could have been, we determined that the horse that she was seeing in her visions and her reams was the one at the Denver airport.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, google the Blue Horse at Denver Airport.  It is perhaps one of the creepiest statues know to modern man.  It had a lot of Satanic undertones to it, as far a legends and lore are concerned, and is the portal between this world and the next, where a creepy subdivision of humans and the New World Order live.  In this realm, there are secret confines beneath the Denver Airport, where the New World Order calls all the shots here on Earth.  It also acts as an intergalactic space station where all kinds of extraterrestrials have landed and where the NWO undergoes new experiments with the help of the aliens that land there.  Deedee and I did a radio show a while back where we actually astrally traveled to the realm where the blue horse lives.  It was pretty creepy, totally consumed by fire.

However, this time around we are not offering anything from the airport or the space station or the from the blue horse with hellish red eyes.  This time it is about a different place entirely.  It is a peaceful place.  The place was nevertheless developed by the same people who control the NWO and the United States government.  However, it was created in conjunction with the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See.  Like the NWO, the Holy See has wanted nothing more that to take over the entire world, which they accomplished at one point in time via religious scare tactics.  I mean, why do you think the Catholic Church has so many rule.  They literally have rules for everything.  All they care about is their money and their power.  They fell from the grace of God a long, long time ago.  Sorry Catholic people, but it's true.

Either way, while we were on our journey Deedee kept seeing visions of this distant existence.  The land that she saw was not a land of destruction, despite the fact that we kept on secretly exploring the wastelands of the NWO for evidence of what she was describing to us.  Our efforts were futile and all the while she kept telling us that she just didn't feel right about where we were and what we were doing.  She knew that our efforts were fruitless, because she knew that, as many powers could have been obtained from where we were travelling, it just wasn't the answer to the psychic visions she was receiving.  

One night when we were sleeping in our hotel, she jumped out of bed and told us that we had to get dressed.  It was like four or five in the morning, so naturally we were all tired and a bit grumpy.  Nevertheless, we obliged and did as we were told.  We found ourselves headed up the highway-- no sun, no moon, no stars, just darkness.  The whole night was still and it had a surrealness to it that I cannot even put into words.  This was because this night we would finally put an end to the question of Deedee's visions.  On the way she explained that while she slept she was visited by a being that resembled and angel.  She said it looked like and angel and acted like and angel and despite the fact that the angel gave her instruction on how to find it, she thought the being simply wasn't an angel at all.  This is why she carried a group protection piece with us when we finally neared the destination where we would find what she was looking for.  

The destination was a few hours north, along the Rocky Mountain range.  It was a pretty up and down kind of travel, but I slept through most of it, so it wasn't too bad for me.  The others claimed they were car sick from the hills and mountains we had to navigate to get their.  We kind of thought Deedee was nuts.  We were expecting something grandiose, but instead, she pull over by the side of the mountain in the middle of nowhere and got out of the car.  She told us to follow her, but at first we thought maybe she was just sleep deprived.  Reluctantly though, we eventually took foot, following her up the side of a mountain through wilderness with no proper path.  Finally we came to a very small clearing where the was a stone well.  The well was completely out of place and looked like one of the old wells you would read about in story books.  

on either side of the well there was a pillar.  Atop each pillar was a capstone with the molding of a hand.  Of course, Deedee was the first one to use the molding and we watched as she rested either of her hands in the moldings on either side of the well.  We watched as her body was turned to pure spiritual form and she was pulled down into the well.  We all followed suit.  It was a weird experience to have because at first my body got really warm.  Then I could feel it being pulled towards the well like some kind of supernatural vacuum was sucking me up, like beam me up Scottie!!  Eventually, though, I found myself on the other side, ,and I could not believe what I saw on the other side it kind of made the whole thing worth it.  

After days of investigation, several hours of driving, hiking up a hill and getting suck through a well like I was one of the Mario Brothers, we finally beheld what Deedee had saw in her visions.  It was an oasis of life, a mock Heaven of sorts.   Wherever we had landed ourselves, the place abuzz with fresh new energy and it didn't take long for all who were traveling to be fully renewed.  It was a captivating, comforting place, and to be honest with you, I didn't ever want to leave.  However, we could not stay.  Not because we weren't welcome, because what we were experiencing was an illusion.  It was a man made realm called the Project of Eden.  Remember earlier I told you that it was made in cahoots with the Catholic Church?  After sniffing around for a bit, we found out exactly what was going on.  The place we had ended up was a replica, reproduced, mock-up of the Garden of Eden complete with beings that we like to call synthetic angels.  This is what Deedee had been seeing in her dreams.  It was purposely trying to seek Deedee out to expose the truth of what was built deep within the Rocky Mountains.

Now, I have astral traveled to the Garden of Eden many different times.  The Project of Eden does not look exactly like the Garden, but it is pretty darn close if I have to say so myself.  It almost didn't make sense that the NWO would build such a place, given the fact that they were so into Satanic rituals and cult rites of passage.  The realm itself was built with sacred items of the Roman Catholic Church, that gave off enough white light power to create an angelic realm, just like God did when he create the real Garden of Eden.  This realm served two purposes.  For each synthetic angel that was created, they gained a power.  Each angel holds a very specific power of their own.  These powers have been used by the NWO for whatever selfish, greedy ambitions they have had in the past.  It doubled as a way to be prepared for what they might face in the Satanic War during the End of Times.  Either way, whatever purpose they had in mind, we had cracked the case of Deedee's dreams, led there by one of the synthetic angels.  

We stayed for a while, but you know we didn't leave empty handed.   This piece was a gift that was given to Deedee by the synthetic angel that had led her to Colorado in the first place.  It is just a sample of the great powers that are held in this realm that just keeps getting more and more powerful.  As far as they synthetic angels are concerned, they are bound by nobody's rules.  The NWO messed up in creating synthetic angels, because they will not join their evil legions, because they were designed with the DNA and archetype of-- well-- an angel.  Guess these elitists aren't as smart or powerful as they think they are or might be.  They are foolish.   

Either way, this piece is a piece that was given to us by an archetypal angel, aka a synthetic angel, from the Project of Eden.  As I have mentioned before, in this realm, each angel holds a different power.  On this piece you will notice that there are 21 links that contain 21 stones.  Inside each of these stones lives an archetypal angel, as we found inside the project of Eden.  These stones are the holding cells that the NWO and the Holy See use to transport their synthetic angels.  While they are not real angels create by the hands of God, they are are just as powerful and their abilities are just as strong.  With this piece you can summon forth any of the 21 angels that live in this piece.  It holds phenomenal powers.  I don't care who you are, this piece is for you.  I mean, where else are you going to find a piece with such extraordinary powers??

Listed below are the angels and their powers.  You will use the description of the angel as the name for summoning.  For example, the Angel of Love, will be summoned by calling out the name, "Angel of Love."  It does not have an incantation for summoning.  This is part of the bonding experience.  You must write your own incantation to along with the piece.  It doesn't have to be long, it doesn't have to rhyme.  It just has to be a little something that you say in order to summon forth the angel that you choose.  Please don't ask us to do this for you, as it has to be something original to you for the piece to work properly.  Here is the list of angels that are in this piece.  

1.)  Angel of the Past-- allows you to travel to the past
2.)  Angel of the Future-- allows you to travel to the future
3.)  Angel of Open Doors-- allows you to open any portal and travel through it
4.)  Angel of Destiny-- allows you to rewrite your own destiny or that of others
5.)  Angel of Love-- allows you to find and identify true love and your soul mate
6.)  Angel of Healing-- is called upon when you or someone you know needs healing
7.)  Angel of Protection-- keeps you safe from all things dark and evil
8.)  Angel of Commerce-- will grant your business long-lasting prosperity and assure that is stays afloat even through tough times
9.)  Angel of Prodigy--  gives you an talent that you ask it for, whether that's music, art, writing, singing, etc.
10.)  Angel of Prophecy-- will allow you to see the future and behold the prophecies of End Times
11.)  Angel of Fidelity-- will assure that your lover always remains faithful
12.)  Angel of the Holy Sorts-- will allow you to travel to the actual realm of Heaven where you behold all that God has made and gain the
wisdom of the Holy Trinity
13.)  Angel of Influence-- allows the ability to control the minds of others
14.)  Angel of the Chakras-- brings an alignment of all of your body's chakras and opens up the third eye to grant you any psychic power you want
15.)  Angel of Karma--  fully cleanses you Karma that way whatever you have done bad in your life is completely reconciled and will not come back to haunt you later
16.)  Angel of Auras--  fully cleanses cleanses your aura to the light, ultraviolet color it's supposed to be.  This will fully cleanse your energy.  It will allow to maximize all the magic you have been doing, or allow you to experience the magic in items that may not have been working for you
17.)  Angel of Chance-- will increase your luck in all areas of your life, including lottery and gambling, as well as scoring dates, business partnerships and more.
18.)  Angel of Revenge-- will cast revenge upon those who try to harm/hurt you in the mortal and spiritual realm
19.)  Angel of fertility-- will highly increase your chances of conceiving and giving birth to healthy children
20.)  Angel of Abundance-- will assure that you have what you need, when you need it no matter what
21.)  Angel of Infinite Wisdom-- will give you answers to your questions, no matter what question you ask.  It knows all.

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