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These are amazing! These are easy to use too. You take it and place it inside your pillow case or under your pillow. This is the prophetess. I have 5 of these and they are all different spirits and they will pick you. These will help you with your daily life and help to answer questions you have. They will work on problems and give you prophetic dreams that you can use to help you. One even gave numbers to the lottery and we won. I liked that! I never usually play. Even though she did give the lottery numbers I don't say to buy this for that reason. This piece more so is for helping you with lifes problems. They are all fixers of problems and issues. They also will give you advice and psychic knowledge through dreams. While it might not sound that exciting it is. It is is because of how accurate they are. They are not only prophets but oracles of greatness.

These are old and have also been powered through not only the oracles but the great lakes they are beneath the pyramids. These are said to hold the power of Moses and that I do believe. While it is hard to discribe how they work it is really a miracle in the power they hold.

When you get up after the third morning you realize how glad you are that you bought one. I only have a few of these.

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