The Pyramids Found in Ecuador and Their Shifting Thoughtforms
The Pyramids Found in Ecuador and Their Shifting Thoughtforms

The Pyramids Found in Ecuador and Their Shifting Thoughtforms

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Only a couple of years ago a team of international explorers and researchers found what was believed to have been a pyramid complex. I mean that in and of itself was pretty exciting. I remember reading about it. The more exciting part is that is was located in a remote area of the Ecuadorian Amazonian jungle. It was the very first time that they happened upon the pyramid complex and the first time it would be released to the public.

As for the construction of the pyramid itself, that remains a mystery just like the pyramids in Egypt. The blocks were simply too large for regular humans to maneuver, weight approximately 2 tons and measuring nearly the length and width of a football field. Science has tried and failed to explain the way that such a massive area could have built by human hands, much in the way they have failed to explain how the Egyptian did it. To fully understand how they ancients in this reclusive area of the Amazon built their pyramids, you have to first understand that life isn't always what you think it is. Most of the time there is more to it than meets the eye.

We have decided that we were going to launch our own investigation into the place by collaborating with people we know who were close by or get there quickly. I'm not going to go into great detail about the investigation itself, but what I will tell you is that is was grueling at points. Scientists seem content with saying that they think the area denotes an ancient civilization of Giants. That's only half the story and only half as interesting.

As you all know pyramids are the epicenters for a vast network of knowledge. They were not built by humans, but they were gifted by aliens to humans as power receptacles to be able to tap into the magic that exists not only in our own earth but in the universe that we exist in. They are checkpoints for the cosmic flow of white light. The capstone at the top of the pyramids are what holds all of this ancient knowledge. Sometimes but not all of the times they are used as graves and the energies of the soul amplify the magic that is already hidden within.

The conclusive evidence that has come to light during the investigation that we arranged for is that these pyramids were built by giants, but they were built by a giant race of aliens. These aliens are of unknown origins, but they are highly, highly enlightened and highly powerful. The arrived her along the cosmic flow, without ships because they don't need spaceships to travel when they can simply zap themselves along the Cosmic Flow ley lines that network the Earth. These giants did build the pyramids and set the capstones in place Inside of the capstone was set a very unique power. Instead of holding the presence of the ley lines or the Earth's chakras, it holds all of the Earth's thought forms instead. Literally, every thought that has been thunk is present inside of this capstone. The thoughts bounce around like Mexican jumping beans. It's literally like a thought form hall of records that allows you to see the thoughts of others from all over the world.

These capstones and keepers of thoughts have been sealed off entirely with alien magic that has not been able to be cracked. However, there are a limited number of keys that will allow you to peer into the capstone to view all of the thought forms that exist there. They are called the shifting Thoughtforms. The reason they are called shifting thoughts is that they can take the form of any of the thought forms that live inside of the pyramids' capstone. It can literally be molded to take the shape thought form that is inside of the pyramid. This can bring any thought form to exist in the mortal realm, which means all those thoughtforms that have been used to create magic and all those thought forms that were created by divine wisdom can be yours for the taking.

I'll be really honest, there are a lot more useless thought forms than there are good ones, but that's okay, you just won't use those ones. You will bypass them. In order to get directly to a thoughtform that you want, you will hold this piece, cupped in both of your hands, and concentrate on the energies of the types of thoughtforms you want. The energies of your own thoughtforms will act as magnets to thoughtforms similar to yours and will pull them through. You will then be able to see these thought forms in your glass formless thoughtform and brings those you have summoned to you. You will then be able to gain this magic or knowledge.

For instance, if you want wealth. Think of wealth. Think of what wealth looks like. Think of what it would feel like to live debt free, not having to live paycheck to paycheck, etc. These thoughtforms will be recorded and will attract thoughtforms like it. The will brings other thoughtforms to you that will create wealth powers and the knowledge of how to obtain great wealth. This is just one very basic example. This piece can be used to bring a multiverse full of thoughts to your fingertips for an unlimited combination of sorcery, magic, and wealth.

I just wanted to point out that I know this piece is loosely shaped in the form of a heart. I don't know why that is. Maybe the last type of thought forms it was used to attract were love? I don't know. Either way, the heart shape is just a coincidence. This is literally a formless, shapeless Shifting Thoughtform-- the key to the Pyramids in Ecuador and the opening to all the magic you could ever want!

All magic aside, you could also use this piece to see the thoughtforms of deceased loved ones or the thoughtforms of those who are living to see if your partner is cheating, to see your friend is talking about you behind your back, to see if your crush likes you back, etc.  It's literally an unlimited bank of human and ethereal knowledge!

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