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This is a odd one because I was about to place these on a customer texted me about them. I was looking at what I had or at least part of it and then bam came the text. These came from what is sometimes called the Rabbit hole in England. It was a series of caverns underground where a bunch of old magial items were found. Some are very old and some more vintage but the older ones can't even be placed as coming from the Earth. One of the items I'm listing now as I just got done doing a piece for the one customer.

These are the Saints magicians, strange term? I know but that is what they are. What that means is they were Sainted Magicians for what they were able to do and not just that but the power they held and the precise accuracy of it. They were considered miracle magicians. While this piece looks Asian and I'm sure it is it was located in England. These is made out of real human bone, all the faces. I think because of what it is made out of could be why it is called the Saints Magicians. Saints relics of first class hold real human bone. You may compare it to the bones in a firsts class relic to see that this is indeed real. This is the only piece of it's kind that I have or ever will have. Maybe one day I get another but it won't come from the Rabbit Hole for sure. I got all I could from there and getting what I did was almost impossible. I had to call in a favor and still do more more favors on my own. Also this is why I haven't been around much because very day is something new. I never know what I must do until I get up and the phone starts ringing off the wall. For the last two months my only goal was to get items on but if I have a customer come or a call I need to do that all goes out the window. To bring you these things often takes more time then the money I get for them. Not one time did I get to the beach this year and the beach is on my damn street! Maybe tonight I might get there, who knows!


So back to this piece here and what it does for you. This piece is very old, made of human bone and one of a kind. Each face is a different because each of the Magicians are different. They are sainted and their faces carved into their own remaining bones.


The magic and the power.

There is one woman on the bracelet and she rules all that is considered to be in the Heavens. This would be all planets, astrological sign, planetary magic and the energy of the universe. So some of the things she can do for example would be to help with love issues, bad traits that a person is born with. Squares that are in your chart, past life regression and gaining magical abilities you had in a past life. Those are just some of the examples of what she does. When I say she does these things it means they happen, it is said and considered done. Again this is why they are Saints Magicians. There is no name for any of them to give you. The names are considered magical in themselves and are not needed by you. Now you might wonder how would you use this then? Well that too is easy. Similair to the Bishops ring and other items that read you and what you want is how this works. The Bishops ring by the way has sold and will not be coming back. The person who bought it will be passing it down to family as I feel it should be. I feel the Bishops ring went to a good soul who is sane and amazing in a lot of ways. 

The next face if your lookig at the bracelet and to the right of her is a master of the human AND the spiritual AND non human body, so this can be used by anyone. This means health in all aspects, physical, mental and all the hidden senses. So this will not only work on illness of the body but increase the minds ability as well. This means you will tap into your senses most magical and hidden. Your ESP, Telepathic abilities, stealth, mind magic, and on and on. You name it and you have it. This I said will also work on the non human body of those who had transformations of any type. This will help with the mind which is never changed. The mind is your mind and to keep it in good health you must work on it. 

The next one which is the oder man with the bald head and beard is for the brain and it's intelligence OF MAGIC!  This is different from just learning but more so for tapping into your God like ability. This one will also do magic of that type for you in a way that a Godly Djinn would do or a master Arch Angel.

The next one after that does things that would be considered to be genuine miracles. Examples of this would be something you might think even magic can't take care of. This one is also dual but again they know what you want. What you really, really want and also what you wouldn't have any issue with. This cna be anything from changing your life entirely to creating a miracle at the last minute when in no way do you think it could happen. For that alone I love this piece! 

The next one is all about the material things a human and non human might need in all lives, this one and those to come. This is not just material things but abundance in wealth as well as life happiness. Wealth pretty much explains itself and this works so much better then a djinn. It just knows what you want.

The next one holds various magic of all the others plus it allows you to reach what they call the blinding light of All. This light is to be creation with all you could ever do, want or be. So considering that the magic is a definate and WILL happen I would be safe to assume this would do immortality. It has not been tested for that but I do 100 percent believe that if that is something you wanted it would be granted. This one will also help with everything, all kinds of magic and all situations. This one is another reason I LOVE this piece.

Also what I really like about it is in my own experience when you are dealing with remains like human bone or Christs wood from the cross you are dealing the most impressive magic you can find. This IS a rare find. I hope whomever gets it truly enjoys it as I know you will.

On wear this. You dont have to but you do need to ONE time sit down and take your thumb or finger and rub the back of them. This allows you to feel the human remains and allow them to know you. That is how you will activate this.

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