The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children

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As I'm writing this piece it's forcing me to think about how old I'm getting.  This is because this piece embodies powers from a generation of white light beings called the Rainbow Children.  The Rainbow Children are a new generation of angels sent to Earth in human form, most having been born after the year 2000.  These Rainbow children have been sent to Earth to help its inhabitants ascend to their mortal form into beings that hold the Holy Knowledge.  They carry with the weapon of the Holy Fire, which eliminates evil.  It doesn't even send evil back to Hell, it just erases it as if it has never happened.  With all the evil in the world, they certainly have their work cut out or them.

This piece was one worn by a Rainbow Child named Jillian. She was born  South Jersey and before she came to full maturity to realize what she was, she had it incredibly hard.  Of course, now she travels the world vanquishing evil and helping humans attain ascendence.  This was a piece that she wore while she was in high school.  She has since moved onto to even more powerful things  Make no mistake, though.  This piece is still highly powerful because it contains her energy. 

When wearing this piece, the human mind gains many things  First and foremost, you will achieve ascendence.  This is the ability to leave your body and travel through the white light corridor to Heave.  You will experience many great entities and forms of white light power while there.  You also gain the ability to vanquish evil as it was given to the Rainbow Children.  You will also be under the watch of angels, given 24/7 white light protection.  You will be given a psychic connection to people that will tell you if they are demonically possessed or otherwise spiritually possessed, with the authority to cast out all demons and destroy them once and for all.   This is the same situation as Yolanda was in but this is from Jillian. 



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