The Red Witch of Lome / Star33

The Red Witch of Lome / Star33

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There’s a fetish market that is located in Lome, Togo that sells everything under the sun. By that, I mean that anything we have ever really known to be in involved with voodoo rituals, they sell it there by the mountains. We know several people in this area, all of which have been friends with us for quite some time. Over the years, they have been one of the many individuals who have supplied us with ingredients—primarily herbs—that we use to make powerful healing agents, perfumes, and many other things.


There is another market in Lome, Togo, one that we will not reveal the location of, which sells all sorts of items. Generally speaking, they aren’t usually the sorts of things that we deal with but every so often, an item surfaces there that is immediately sent our way via old connections.


That’s how this piece came into our possession. When we first received it, there appeared to be a spirit inside that was being suppressed. There were many enchantments in place and they were similar to the protection spells we occasionally put on some of the items we receive, particularly ones created of dark magic.


We weren’t sure what we were going to set free upon lifting these spells, so we took many precautions, the biggest one being that DeeDee was present.


When we lifted the suppression spells, a woman was released in a near-physical form. Her cheeks were flushed as though alive, her eyes bright and lively, and her form was nearly solid. She appeared worried. She believed that we had released her to destroy her completely but we expressed that we had no intentions of doing such a thing. She appeared skeptical at first but then rather grateful.


The woman revealed her name to be Liza Ceal, the Red of Lome, Togo and her story is as follows, as she had told it to us:




She was born and remained in Lome, Togo for her entire life. She comes from a family of witches, all of which have remained hidden from notice, particularly because there has never been a time where witches were both believed in and accepted. Nowadays, not too many believe that they exist or have ever existed and yet pretend to be them themselves.


In her mid-twenties, she met and fell in love with a man who later revealed himself to be a vampire. Wishing to spend all of eternity together, he had turned her. She received her name—The Red Witch—afterwards from other witches when the transformation was completely. When word of the existence of a vampire-witch hybrid had circulated, it wasn’t received well by everyone.


Eventually, she and her significant other were hunted down, her lover killed, and her kept alive. It was decided shortly after that it may not be the smartest thing to kill off such a powerful and now-immortal witch, one who possesses power of both a witchand a vampire.


So they pulled her spirit from her body and put it into a vessel, one that was enchanted to remain suppressed until they figured out what they wanted to do with her. Unfortunately, that day never came. The piece had been lost and Ceal had grown to believe that she would never be released.




She has displayed a few different abilities, including psychic abilities, all of which she can allow others to inherit. A primary ability that she has that caught our attention is the ability to allow another woman to conceive a child that is entirely vampire, entirely witch, or somewhere in between—it is a choice that the mother makes—and it does not depend on if it is a man or woman that holds this item.


Aside from psychic abilities and the ability to allow women to conceive vampire-witch hybrids, she is fairly lonesome and will likely seek companionship in whoever becomes the owner of this piece.

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