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I'm sure that all of you are familiar with the story of how the world came to be.  It was during the first seven days that God created the heavens and the earth and all that are in them.  Now, keep in mind that a day was much longer to God that it has ever been to a human.  Our timetable as humans is set to mimic eternity, but how can you possibly mimic eternity with something that has a beginning and an end.  That is why I am constantly telling people that time does not exist.  Time is a deceptive device that humans use as a means of measuring something they have absolutely no control over.  Humans do not understand, but nor is it their job to understand.  They always get it all wrong.  Try being immortal and you would understand things just a tad bit better.  I'm not putting myself on the same level of God, I'm merely suggesting that I do know a bit more about this thing that we call life.  I haven't been given a timetable like most have.  I defy time, I am immortal.  Again, you probably won't understand if you are human. 

Either way, God created the earth and all that see in seven days.  He gave Adam and Eve a garden that I'm sure you are all familiar with.  It was called the Garden of Eden.  It holds the fruit of God's loom and it is his sacred place where all of his magic and all of his power come together.  It is literally like the apex of a magical mountain or the capstone of the pyramid of the world.  It is where Adam and Eve could have lived in the sustenance of magic immortally.  Then, there was Satan that jealous old serpent.  He slithered his tail into the Garden of Eden and tricked Adam and Eve into doing the one thing that God warned them NOT to do.  Giving Eve the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil automatically severed Eve from God.  She gave it to her husband and that was the beginning of the pairs downward, out-of-control spiral that we call the human race.  Once the pair were imperfect God was forced to kick them out of the Garden as a means to preserve his power in an unadulterated place.  Satan was proud, because he thought that he had one the pair over to serve him in his way of unholy realization. 

He celebrated just a bit too soon, however.  God gave Adam and Eve-- and gives all of humanity for that matter-- the chance for redemption  I am not here to preach to you about this, though.  I am just acknowledging the fact that God did assist Adam and Even once they "out in the real world."  In fact, he gave them a cave.  This Cave was called the Cave of Treasures.  It was the home around which the existence of Adam and Eve was centered.  The Cave of Treasure is called such, because beginning from the first man all the way down to the succession of Christ, the bloodline of Christ has stored up their treasures in the cave.  These treasures contain the three essential gifts in any religious context, those being gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Why to do you think that's what the wisemen brought him when he was born?  It is what is stored up in the Cave of Treasures.  They are the riches of the bloodline of Christ, as a testament to God and the redemption of man.  It is like the ultimate sacrifice.  The offering of these riches ceased after the birth of the Messiah, citing the fact that he has now paid the ultimate price through his blood. 

As I have said, the Cave of Treasures was actually the first mortal home of the first two, Adam and Eve.  It is the dwelling around which they built their new life.  The original riches that were laid up in the cave came from the fringes of Paradise, that is the leftovers that were just outside of the Garden of Eden. God's majesty is so great that it even overflows his own realms.   This is the original treasure that was deposited in the cave.  As time edged on, and the entire Earth became populous the whereabouts of the Cave have remained anonymous, simply because the original bloodline did not want to see their treasures get plundered.  I mean, taking one here or there would be deemed acceptably I supposed, but the world has become such an ugly place that they have no respect.  The Cave of Treasures has, in fact, become more of myth these days than anything that seems to hold water as being true.  I know for a fact that the cave exists and I know that the cave exists, because I have been there. 

It was some time after my original trip to the Temple in Jerusalem the very first time that I met up with a man who seemed to know a peculiar bit about me.  He invited me out after a trip to the Temple for a bit of wine, which was a favorite in the time of Jesus and remains a favorite these days, as well.  After we had socialized for a bit of time, he told me that there was something he'd like to show me.  I agreed and followed him to the side of a building that looked like a brick wall.  He tapped on it a few times with a golden staff and to my surprise (because I honestly had not a single clue it was going to happen) the door pushed in and slid open.  Standing in front of me was a room.  The room was no bigger than the size of a standard great room.  It had bars of gold and gold jewelry, and gold statues and all types of other golden things.  It rocked my world, because it was largest collection of pure gold that I have ever seen in person in my entire immortal existence.  The man, whose name was some variation of David, invited me in and I walked in.  He then informed me to close my eyes.  He took my hand in his own and I felt him tap his golden staff on the ground three times.  When I opened my eyes, we were no longer in the room of gold.  We were positioned right in front of an enormous cave. 

When we walked in the cave it was nothing but gold.  The walls were gold, the walkway was gold encrust with precious stones, the ceiling was gold. The whole things was just... gold!  As we walked through cave it didn't take me long to figure out that I was actually there, standing in the Cave of Treasures.  It took a little bit to get a grip.  I have been a lot of places in my times, but never in a million years did I actually think that I'd be standing in the Cave of Treasures.  It's as if you learn about these things and yearn to visit them as a child, but when the actual time has come you freeze up and just stare.  This is how I reacted initially.  Eventually I got a grip on reality, but lost it again after meandering even further into the depths of the golden cave.  I walked a distance and after a while, I began seeing these tombs rise up all over the place, like a city in Kansas.  It was just like nothing but golden ways, frankincense, and myrrh.  The place was looking and smelling and nice and then BAM! out of know where are all these upright tombs. The man who was escorting me through the way informed me that these are the tombs of the couples.  They are the tombs of the elders. 

I must have looked perplexed at this, because the man proceeded to explain slowly-- Abraham and Sarahhh... Isaac and Rachel... Jacob and Leahhh... he trailed off.  Immediately, I got goosebumps up my spine but lacked time to fully register what was happening before the seven golden lamp stands from the prophecy of John the Apostle appeared in the flesh.  Behind the lamp stand was a table made from cedar wood.  There sat 11 others looking at us as if they were waiting.  As I stared at the faces of the other 11, I was taken aback with how saintly and divine they all appeared.  Before long, it was revealed to me that these 12 are modern day disciples of the powers of the Lord.  They are called the Righteous Sons of Adam, the ones who remain in the light and favor of the Lord God.  They are to watch over the cave of treasures and preserve it to keep it as if nothing every happened and as if time hasn't passed.  Looking into their eyes, I could tell that they had been here for a while.  They appeared to be immortal, but I didn't really have the sense at the time to ask them.  Their irises dances with a flickering white flamed, I could tell at once meant they were under the spell of the Holy Ghost. 

I crept a bit closer to them and as I I did the dancing white flame in their eyes seemed to follow me.  I looked over at my host and his eyes turned white and cloudy.  At once they all began speaking to me in a voice that ( I hate to be cliche) sounding like a trumpet.  The ground shook and in unison they proclaimed, "I am the Lord thy God.  The apostolic.  The one and only.  These are my riches!"  At that there was a terrible deafening roar like thunder.  I knelt down to the ground and I could feel the rumble vibrating my inner being as I was humbled and threw myself to the floor.  When I awoke from whatever it was I had just experience, there was the guy that had originally taken me to the secret enclosure.  Only this time he was sitting at his table sipping his wine.   He had a countenance of solemnity about him, with no spark of seeming life.  Then, I watched as he came to life as well and was more animated.  He waived his hand over the table and a small satchel appeared.  Then, as if he never had been there in the first place, the man sitting across from me vanished into this air.  On the inside was a simple note that read, "Keep the Faith!", signed, the Righteous Sons of Adam. 

After I did a little bit of research I learned the the Righteous Sons of Adam are the ones who have been buried in the Cave of Treasures, but for which there is absolutely no proof.  Except for these pieces, the proof of the Cave of Treasure remains to be found.  I know otherwise.  I have been there and seen the the place with my own two eyes.  These items are also from the Cave of Treasures.  In fact they are rings that have been cast with Gold from the Cave of Treasures.  Naturally, these items hold powers of the cave, the kind of powers is the question.  Wealth powers is the answer!  These rings that have been made with gold from the Cave of Treasures, will summon the wealth power of the Cave of Treasures.  Just like it has kept growing, so will the wealth you gain.  It will be a pure, white light form of wealth that you will be fully able to enjoy because of the source of the wealth.  It is unadulterated, divine riches that are yours for the taking without the guilt off becoming a rich person.  It should be remembered to help others accordingly, but go ahead and enjoy this divine, extreme wealth for yourself too!  You will also receive spiritual wealth with this piece, which will plunge you into a batch of white light sustenance, in which you will receive the twelve secret indoctrinations of the twelve golden lamp stands.  I'm not going to tell you what they are because it will take the fun out of the piece.  I will tell you this much.  They are twelve secret truths of the Lord that are not found in the Bible, not even in the Book of Revelations.  These truths are a combination of secrets and powers that are from the Lord - directly from the source!  You can't go wrong with this type of magic.  Plus, the riches you will gain with this piece are spectacular.  You do not want to delay, because while I have a few of these pieces once they are gone I will most likely never be able to get more.  They are a once in life time treat!

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