The Ring of Psyhagogues
The Ring of Psyhagogues
The Ring of Psyhagogues

The Ring of Psyhagogues

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This very rare ring holds the magic of the necromancers. You do not need to call the dead back to the living for this. you may simply call whom ever you want to have them infuse you with the power they have. This will include the knowledge and the magic they learned. Now this sometimes does nothing for many if they can't get the resources they need to accomplish what they want. This rare ring does a few things which I will list for you so you can better understand.

What you can do with this ring.

1- you may speak to whomever you wish and see them as well inside the stone. The stone is also a crystal ball and will also function as one too.
2- this ring will also allow you to gain the knowledge, power and magic of ANY necromancer you call upon.
3- with the knowledge you may need a few things that are hard to get a hold of. This ring will provide them for you. A good example of that is true alchemy. For those who don't believe that exists,well it doesn't today. This is because many of the ingredients needed can't be obtained,now they can.
4- this ring also acts like the blood ring and will give you what you need  for blood rituals. See number three.
5- people I know who have been called up using this ring. These are people I personally have had long conversations with.

Jesus, Johnny Cash, Elvis to find out if he worked for the CIA. My dead uncle because he did work for the CIA and I wanted to know if Snowden was accurate in what he was saying. William Cooper because I wanted to know if he was indeed murdered and really met with Ebe the alien. Lilith to see if she really was Adams first wife and to learn about her power. Michael and Gabriel the angels,Crowley to see if he really turned to God as he was dying. L.Ron Hubbard to see if he was in hell. I also wanted to know what hell was like,I wish I hadn't asked! It wasn't like you think but it was much worse because your skin actually crawls! There are many more because I'm naturally curious.
As far as Sar Josephin you will have to look him up. He was often called a prince and he did use alchemy and did so very well.
This is a ring you don't want to pass up!


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