The Russian Tree of Life, PS Mr. Putin We Love You
The Russian Tree of Life, PS Mr. Putin We Love You

The Russian Tree of Life, PS Mr. Putin We Love You

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This one is going to drive the liberals nuts. Look, I don't care what walk of life you come from as long as you're not going to interfere with what I do. I don't know why some people go crazy over ostricizing and damning Russia for things that they know nothing about. In fact, Russia is one of the most culutrally rich countries in the world. They have always held an independent stance on the world, which is probably why everyone else doesn't like them. Think about it-- left-leaning minds tend to be geared towards love and peace and all that junk until one day you voice an opinion that they don't agree with. Then you're the devil. Russia has always been that "person" who has always thought for themselves and didn't take shit from nobody. It has gotten them little more than nothing. Hey, they keep on keeping on, though. Gotta give them credit where credit is do. Around here, we just love Vladimir Putin. We think he is funny, charismatic, charming, and just an overall no-nonsense type of guy.

What does all this have to do with this piece? I guess really nothing, but since the magic that is in this piece is Russian magic, I figured I would on a tangent about how much we really do appreciate Russia and Vladimir Putin. We have been there several times. The magic in Russia tends to be a bit more powerful than in the rest of Europe. Also, when we talk about "European" magic, the Russians aren't always included, because of the stigma that goes along with being Russian these days. Oh, well. We love their magic.

We have two of these pieces. They have been made from a Russian fraternity of sorcerers who practices the ways of the ancient Motherland. This magic is a deep-rooted sorcery that has extended from the ancient Norse influence in the area. It is a bold, robust, and masculine power that can be used by the ladies to. It calls upon the ancient Tree of Life called Yggdrasil. This Tree of Life holds the powers and the energies of the world. It holds a replica of all magic that has ever been practiced and as the magic increases, so does the tree. This is because for each type of magic that is done, the tree grows a separate branch. As you can imagine, Yggdrasil has grown to enormous proportions by now. This is due to the immense amounts of magic that have been stored by the ancient tree.

Both of these pieces do the same thing and have been created by the same Russian Fraternity. They are badges of magic and honor and having one of them denotes that you are a leader amongst magicians and sorcerers. This is because when you have this piece, the branches of Yggdrasil will intermingle with your own soul and being. The knowledge from the tree will pumped into your body and the powers will be reborn into your human consciousness. You will be able to recreate and use any power that you are interested in having. This includes the knowledge of the entire world and not just Russia. Any type or kind of magic that you want to be able to do will be possible with this piece. Any specific power that you want can be recreated. It is as simple as that and it is a very powerful magic. Again, we have two of these pieces.

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