The Sacred Chambers of Gobekli Tepe
The Sacred Chambers of Gobekli Tepe

The Sacred Chambers of Gobekli Tepe

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The universe is nothing more than a series of numbers and shapes that have been put together in such a way that has created life and energy. If you find this hard to believe, you can do some research on sacred numerology, sacred geometry or both. The proof is pretty much in the mix. The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Necronomicon and a multitude of other esoteric books and manuscripts have been written in such a cadence that allows a secret, occult knowledge to those who gain the understanding of sacred numerology and geometry.

The ancient Siberian Shamans who built the holy site known as Gobekli Tepe knew this better than most. Gobekli Tepe is a ritual center that was built by the shamans but it was also an education center for pupil shamans. It was built in such a way that the cosmic energies of the universe could be embraced and an awakening would result in the pupils who visited the site. They had star chambers, much like the Egyptians, South Americans, or any other civilization that thrived in ancient times. This is how the power was relinquished to them.

This piece has spent a total of 14 days in one of the star chambers at Gobekli Tepe. It had to be 14 days to complete the 14 points and angles of cosmic enlightenment. This was a process designed by the ancient Siberian Shamans, again using sacred numerology and geometry. The result is that it has been infuse with the cosmic forces that create an awakening. This awakening will show you how the universe is held together using the magic of sacred geomtry and geometry. It will show you how to manipulate numbers and shapes to get the result that want, which is how God created the universe. Furthermore, it will give you an awakening that will allow you to read the hidden meaning in texts such as the Bible or the Torah. This will in turn give you a wealth of occult knowledge the likes of which has founde magical groups such as the Kabbalah and the Knights of the Rosy Cross.

This ring holds real gemstone, all of which have received the same cosmic energy that will create the awakening for you. Thiss same piece has been used all over the world in Masonic Rituals, including those that allow the mind to obtain the 33rd Degree Awakening. It has been used in Illuminati Circles to gain the magic of sacred texts, both dark and dual. It has been used by the Bilderbergs to create and encrypt personal grimoires of spells and powers. This piece is extremely powerful and has made its rounds, as you can surely see. It will bring the same awakening (described above) as it has for many and it will bring you power that you've never before experienced.

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