The Sacred Grove of Gamla Uppsala

The Sacred Grove of Gamla Uppsala

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There exists a place in Sweden that is so sacred that the mere energies of the place are enough to bring about the most powerful kind of magic. It was a land upon which was built a temple that as used by heathens in the olden times to venerate the Norse gods Freyr, Odin, and Thor. All sorts of sacrificial and blood rite ceremonies were performed and these bodies were hung in the sacred groves adjacent to the temple where they were sacrificed. These sacrifices were given as gifts to the gods and through these mortal vessels the gods Odin, Thor, and Freyr would enter the mortal realms to bless those who had given the sacrifices. The blessings? Well, we will get to those in a minute.

Of course, in the 12th Century, Christianity had become the most popular religion in Europe. The Temple which had gone by the name Gamla Uppsala was demolished. In its place was erected an archbishopric, but try as they might the new coming Christians were not able to quell the supernatural powers that had lived on in Gamla Uppsala for so long. In fact, the new construction did absolutely nothing but stir the souls of those sacrificed for the gods. The result was essentially a bunch of souls who were at unrest and these souls exist in the sacred grove to this day awaiting the return of the temple. Much to their chagrin, I'm sure the heathen temple of yesteryears is not going to return any time soon. This will not impede the search as the souls cling to their sacred groves as a new home while they wait for the construction of their once great temple.

This piece has been made by a Norse witch who has taken the name Freya in honor of her preceding god, Freyr. She is a very powerful immortal who has managed to escape the onslaught of her kind time and time again. She has lived through the most troubled times, she has lived through the inquisition. She has lived through the Renaissance and Medieval Times, through the plague, through wars, and through all sorts of unfavorable conditions. It is the power and the blessings that have been bestowed upon her by the beloved gods that have kept her alive, immortal and well. She often visits the sacred grove of Gamla Uppsala to collect souls that she uses for her magic. Her magic is unparalleled to anything that you have ever experienced. Of this, I can assure you. She is one of the most powerful, if not the absolute most powerful witches that I have ever come in contact with.

This piece has been made by her and by the souls and the power that has been given to her by Odin, Thor, and Freyr. With this piece, your body becomes the sacrifice. No worry, you won't die and be hung from a tree for your body to rot. Those days are far over. Rather, when I say you become the sacrifice, what I really mean is that you will become a vessel through which Odin, Thor, and Freyr release their powers into the world. In other words, you will be given the powers of ancient magic, dare I say witchcraft because the word witchcraft really doesn't suffice in telling all that this piece will do for you.

When you wear this piece you will share your mortal body with the triad of gods. You will be given the power to cast whatever magic it is that you desire. This magic is very powerful because it will be given to you and granted for you by the ancient trio of gods Odin, Thor, and Freyr. They control all facets of Norse magic and I can tell you that this type of magic is some of the most ancient and powerful to ever be beholden. You will be able to cast magic simply by thinking it in your mind no matter what it is you will think. To those who are loyal, wishes are fulfilled by the trio. Therefore, not only will get the ability to cast whatever magic it is that you desire, but anything that you wish will also come true. You won't even have to say it out loud. The gods are sharing your body and will hear your requests.

This piece gives divine protection. In ancient times I would say that this piece would bring you the head of your enemy. However, we have become a bit more civilized than that in the modern age. Yes, just a bit. Instead of bringing you your enemy's head this piece will cast revenge and dissent among those who wish you ill will and have committed wrongdoings against you. It will be cast against them by a certain look of the eye. You will know this look at the given moment. The rage of the gods will be cast upon this person and God save the soul of those who come in the path of their revenge. I'm not saying they will die, but they will regret every little thing they have ever done to wrong you.

Along with this protection is the protection against any type of malice or evil. All negative energies and evil entities will be cast away from your presence with the help of the gods. They have powers that can control even the vilest of entities, so you will have no worries when using this item for their protection. It is the utmost type of white light protection that you could possibly have because it is coming straight from the will of the gods.

Finally, you can use this piece for conjuring. The gods control the astral realms, so anything type of spirit, creature, or entity that you desire to conjure will be summoned for you. These entities may or may not appear to you in their full spiritual form. However, they will most certainly communicate with you on a telepathic level. You can conjure vampires or djinn or dragons or the souls of those who have moved on. Really, you could conjure up anything that crossed your mind. The powers of this piece are that powerful. We only have one of these pieces, because the Freya only made one. I'm sure we could get in contact with her to have her make another one if need be, however, the process could be rather lengthy. She would have to revisit the grove, collect souls, use their souls to make the piece and that takes times. That's why I'm telling you that if this piece speaks to your heart make no haste in obtaining it. It is most likely your destiny calling you.

The ring into which these powers have been placed is 925 Sterling Silver and the stone that you see in the ring has been made with a drop of blood residue that Frey scraped off the tree from the Sacred Grove of Gamla Uppsala.

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