The Scream of 1,000 Corpses

The Scream of 1,000 Corpses

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I'm going to warn you right from the beginning. This piece is not for the faint of heart. It was the first time that I've ever been on an investigation that I was terrified for my life. I was wearing protection pieces, but you have to understand that actually being there and having the experience that I had, I couldn't help but wonder at the moment if the powers that were lurking would be too powerful for my protection piece to work. You hear about so many paranormal investigators who have gone on investigation never to return. That night I wondered if I had finally met my match. Obviously, I hadn't, I'm still here telling you about my experience. Yet, I still wonder to this day if I narrowly escaped my own demise.

This piece was acquired by an investigation gone completely awry. We showed up at the temple around noon, simply because we wanted to be able to have enough light to see what we were doing. We weren't at one of the tourist temples. I'm not implying that there isn't energy at these temples, because there is. However, this was one of the hidden temples on the Southern Gulf Coast. It was a few miles in from the shore, hidden in dense rainforest. It's not that it had never been discovered, but there weren't many people who ventured there simply due to the fact that the place had been rumored to be a human kill mill in the ancient Mayan days. People who have visited the place insist that traveling there at night would introduce you to the most blood-curdling and nightmarish screams that you have ever heard. Some people who have gone there have wound up in mental institutions, just because they say that the energy that's there is so dark that once it touches your soul, you'll never be the same.

While we were knocking around the temple, we met a young Mexican girl. I honestly can't remember her name off the top of my head and my writing was too illegible for me to read, so I'll just refer to her as "the girl." She claimed she was there as an investigator also, but it turns out that she was so much more. She was a soul luring us into what we were about to witness. It was weird because while her soul must have been ancient, she appeared to us in all modern clothes. She gave an in-depth version of the "so-called" history of the temple. That is the history of the temple that cannot be proved nor disproved by historians. It's mostly local stuff. When she told us that the site was going to the home to a live ritual re-enactment we were enthralled. We were excited and couldn't believe that we had gotten so lucky. Our excitement soon turned to apprehension, which turned to fear. We had our reasons to be afraid, but we decided that we weren't going to chicken out on this one. I'll admit, it did seem kind of strange that the girl just happened to be exploring a hidden temple the same time we were, knew so much, and invited us back during the witching hour. We should have seen the signs.

When we showed up at the temple later that night, at precisely midnight, we were greeted by a blazing fire. It was quite the size of a bonfire, but it was larger than a campfire. The young woman that we had met earlier greeted us in a flowing white dress, her hair let down and blowing in the warm breeze. She invited us to sit on two stone pillars that would serve as our chairs while we watched this reenactment. These pillars encircled the fire, which is bizarre because we were literally the only people there. I sat down, tugged at my neck to make sure I was still wearing my protection piece and this is when the spectacle started. Twelve grown men dressed in varying masks approached the fire. Their masks were colorful and their bodies were smeared in what I assumed to be red paint, but I learned later it was blood.

As we watched, the masked men encroached upon the fire and began some sort of chant. The chant went on for a few minutes until they broke out into a full dance. They danced in a circle around the fire, chanting their words, in their creepy masks for about 15 minutes. It was enough to make your hair stand on end, but that was just the beginning. They stopped dancing and then each man took a whistle that was made from bone out of his waistband. The worse one began to blow his whistle and out of it came the most blood-curdling, mind-bending sound that I've ever heard in my life. It made my soul feel uneasy. I could feel myself becoming nauseous. Then the second one started in and the third and the fourth. The fifth one started blowing and before I knew it, the whole dozen was blowing on their bone whistles. The sound was a deafening roar and I could barely stand it. I put my hand to my ears and looked up at the fire. The girl we had met earlier was standing among the masked men twirling around in the light of the fire, with a maddened smiled that went ear to ear. She smiles and gazed and twirled looking like a lunatic in the light of the fire and the moon. Her smile widened so much that her lips began to split. She did nothing to stop it. The blood trickled down her face spattering on her white gown.

It was at this precise moment that I looked upon the horizon. I spotted a black wave coming near us and at first, I thought there was no way that the water could reach us from the ocean here. Then, the smell of rotting corpses and burning flesh began to fill the air as the wave got closer and closer. The wave inched towards us and eventually began to dissipate as full-bodied spirits with glowing red eyes began to take form. Smoke billowed from their bodies and it looked as though they had just crawled out of the pits of hell. The encircled the fire and it shot up into the night sky. The ground began to rumble and the spirits open their mouths. The began screeching like the bone death whistles that the masked men blew. The men blew their whistles at the same time, except for three of them. These three approached the girl. One grabbed her by the right arm, the other by the left. The third stood in front of her and leaned in, whispering in her ear.

At this point, the ground is rumbling, my hands are over my ears because the screeching was driving me mad, I could barely take it. My body was frozen and I couldn't move even if I wanted to. The fire was still shooting up to the sky. The man whispered in her ear once more and at this, the girl turned her head, still smiling, blood dripping off her chin and she lifted up one hand and pointed at us. She let out a raucous laughter that was more maddening than the sound of the death whistles. She turned back to the man standing in front of her, who was now holding a sacrificial dagger. He plunged it deep in chest, but the girl continued to laugh. He stabbed her once more and blood began bubbling out her mouth as she fell to the ground gargling. The three men then tossed her into the fire. She burst into flames and as she was incinerated and her flesh began to melt she let out a blood-curdling scream that will haunt me in my sleep for the rest of my life. It was at this point that the black spirits, the men in their masks and the burning girl all turned to stare at us. Then began taking slow, rhythmic steps toward us. I didn't know what was going on and I still couldn't move so I just let my body fall to the ground and put my arms over my head. They came closer and closer. The stench filled my nose and the noise pierced my ears. I began choking on my own vomit.

At that point, everything began to spin and a blacked out. When I awoke there was nothing. It was only darkness, calm, and still. No sound of some far off animal lurking in the jungle. No breeze rustling the leaves of a nearby tree. It was dark and it was still. Where the fire once raged, was a small pile o ashes with smoke pluming to the sky. I made my way over to the fire to see if the remains of the girl were still there, but it was just ash. In the center of the pile of ashes, something began to glisten in the light of the moon. I picked it up and it was this ring-- sterling silver with a midnight blue stone. I really began to wonder if all of what I had seen had been real or just a hallucination, but as I picked the item up, I caught a glimpse of the girl in the white dress. It was clean once again and her hair flowed in the breeze that had picked up the moment I saw her. She waved and slipped into the jungle. It was the last time we ever saw her and if I never saw her again it would be too soon. However, the piece remained. I took it with me. Holding it my hand, it has enough energy to remind of the whole night. It was seriously the creepiest thing I have ever lived to tell about.

As for the piece, it embodies the energy of death, but not as you might think. Through working with the piece I began to paint more and more of a picture of what happened that night. In short, the girl was a human sacrifice to the spirits of the underworld. Her sacrifice plays over and over again nightly. The masked men were shamans, witch doctors if you will, who summoned the black spirits from the underworld as they prepared her for sacrifice. The Mayan Death whistles were blown to summon these spirits. The spirits came forth and the girl was sacrificed. This all happened in ancient times, but her death was caught in a time anomaly and now everyone involved is trapped on a spiritual plane where the incident just keeps playing over and over again. As for the girl, she knew we were psychic enough to see her, which is why she presented herself to us when we visited the temple. Why she pointed at me before she was sacrificed is still unclear to me. I had to stop working with the piece because the not having all the answers drove me mad. It consumed me to the point that Deedee wouldn't let me work with it anymore.

Attached to the piece itself is one of the Mayan Death Spirits. This piece constantly resonates the sound of the Mayan Death Whistle, in a range so high that no human ear would ever be able to hear it. That is what keeps the Mayan Death Spirit attached to it. This piece will not consume or take over your mind, because we have cast over 100 white light spells on it. Besides, the only reason it consumed me was due to my own curiosity of what I had experienced. I think maybe this night was the night that I was marked for my transformation and what led the spirits to my home the night that I was transformed. Either way, the Mayan Death Spirit that is kept in this piece is capable of granting anything that you might want. Yes, even immortality. I know we are hesitant about offering these types of piece, but this spirit literally controls life and death and is able to grant it. Other than that, it can grant you anything that you want when you use it, anything at all. It can grant any magic. It can cast any spell. It can summon any entity. It can give you extreme wealth if that is what you want. It will give you anything that you ask for. It is activated by own souls interaction with the piece when you wear it. It is one of the most powerful items that I have experienced to date. However, if you're asking me if I would go back to do it all over again to maybe get the chance to earn another one of these pieces the answer is, "HELL NO!" I would never put myself through that again. I don't know if Deedee would, but she hasn't talked much about the investigation since it all went down. The only good thing to come from it was this super powerful, original piece.

Again, this piece poses no risk to the user. It has been thoroughly contained since the time I first touched it. The Death Spirits are not inherently evil. They aren't anything. They just exist, with their powers to bring anything into creation or to remove anything from existence. It is the life and death cycle. It is how they are able to bring to life whatever you ask them for. Not that you'll need it, but good luck with the piece. It will seriously change your life forever!!

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