The seal of Eden, Angelic Creation
The seal of Eden, Angelic Creation
The seal of Eden, Angelic Creation
The seal of Eden, Angelic Creation

The seal of Eden, Angelic Creation

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There is a Golden Temple in Eden. God built the temple with his creationary magic and the cosmic gold that he was used to paving the streets of the New Jerusalem. It was his "portal" between Heaven and the His eternal garden, originally meant to exist between the two realms so that God could visit the humans he created whenever he desired.


However, as you know, fate had other plans and the humans were displaced from the Garden of Eden after eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Still, the Temple remained. On the door of the Temple was an enormous seal. It was called the Seal of Eden. It was created by God and kept inside the golden temple.


The Seal of Eden holds a very integral part of God's knowledge, which is his ability to create angelic beings. He has used the magic in this seal at least billions of times in not more. he has been creating angels for many things for a very, very long time.  


This piece holds a mini-replica of the Seal of Eden. When you own this piece you will be able to create your own angels. Moreover, you will be able to duplicate angels that already exist. What do I mean by this?  


Well, the part where you create your own angels is pretty straightforward. You will use the magic to create an angelic form. You name it, you give power. The power comes from the knowledge and white light magic of God, so you aren't that limited in what you can do. However, the seal will not do top-level magic such as immortality, life-or-death miracles, or anything like that.  


The second way you can use the power in this seal is to replicate an angel that aleady exists. This angel will be duplicated for you and you will be able to call upon that angel and the powers of that angel any time you want. For instance, say you want the powers of Archangel Raphael, so that way you can create an eternal, everlasting love bond. You can use his piece to create a duplicate form of Raphael to create thta love bond for you.  


Admittedly the secondary angels that you will create will definitely not be as powerful as the original However, this is divine, white light magic from Heaven that was placed in Eden. Do not underestimate the power that this piece will give you to. We ewre mesmerized by this piece during the testing process.  


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