The Secret Name of Ra
The Secret Name of Ra

The Secret Name of Ra

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We have personally recovered this piece from a place in Egypt called the caverns of Ra. They are a secret network of caves and stone passageways that exists beneath the Sahara desert of all places. I know that this seems highly unlikely, but then again so do some of the other places we have been. I've come to expect that unlikely is more likely and if something is just likely then you can never ever trust it. Either way, we astral traveled to the Caverns of Ra in order to retrieve this piece that we caught wind was being guarded by a serpentine demi-god. Yeah, we dealt with him. I guess he became less powerful over the years and wasn't nearly as much of a challenge as we thought he was going to be. Again, unlikely.

You might be asking, "What is so special about this pendant?" Well, to answer that question, let me give you a bit of history about the Sun God Ra. Ra was literally the embodiment of solar energy, the same energy that fueled the cosmic mind that was used to create the universe. Ra created himself out of these energies that were called Chaos. Chaos (in that time) wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it was just indicative of the circumstance that the Sun was emanating all these energies and there was really no organization to them. It wasn't until Ra, which was also an energy of the Sun, figured out a way to condense these energies and form himself that there was any type of organization. This is why later in his existence Chaos was Ra's archnemesis.

So, Ra was successfully able to create the Egyptian people. He is the one that was responsible for sending the extraterrestrial lifeforms that taught them how to build the pyramids, the Sphinx, and all the other little embodiments of power that the Egyptians enjoyed. Ra would visit the Earth in a form that he manifested for himself. This form was the body of a man with the head of a falcon. Most gods appeared something like this because showing their faces to the Egyptians would have caused them sudden death, just like looking upon the face of the Christian God would kill you as well unless you acquired some sort of magic that allowed you to do so. Ra was the chief deity of the Egyptians, who was capable of feeding them the solar powers of the sun that allowed them to create magic out of Chaos. For many years he enjoyed his role as the chief deity; that was until he became old and feeble.

When Ra's "light" began to burn out, Isis created a serpent out of the dribble that came from Ra's chin. This serpent let Isis in on a little known secret that in order to gain the powers and magic of Ra, she must first know his secret name. Isis tried and tried to get Ra to giver her the secret name. It wasn't until later that he actually invited her in and allowed her to see into him that she was given the name and was allowed to take over as the goddess of magic. This magic name lived inside of Isis for thousands of years. It wasn't until later that the secret name of Ra was set inside of this pendant and hidden in Caverns of Ra, guarded by the same the serpent that told Isis about Ra's secret name. I'm not sure if Isis built the cavern herself of if that was the doing of somebody else, but the cavern was built and the secret name of Ra was put inside of this pendant and place into the cavern.

Now, the pendant that we have is the one that holds the secret name of Ra. When you wear this piece you will be able to see through Ra just like Isis did. This will give you the secret name of Ra. When you learn the name, you will call it out loud. The name will come to you and will live inside of you. This will give you the ability to control Chaos, the energy and life essence of the universe. Not only will you gain all of the knowledge of the pyramids, the Sphinx, and all Egyptian secrets, you will also be able to use Chaos to create your own type of magic. This magic can be whatever it is you want it to be. Like Ra, the only thing that will stand in the way of what kind of magic you can create is your own imagination. You can bend this energy and shape it with your mind in order to create any kind of magic that you want. It is the ultimate manifestation of Egyptian magic.

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