The Occult Secrets of Apollonius
The Occult Secrets of Apollonius

The Occult Secrets of Apollonius

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I always thought it was funny how people in history can be well-known but so little of them can actually be known. Like everybody says this or that about a person, but when it boils down to facts there is so little that can actually be proven. Nobody better exemplifies this than Apollonius of Tyana. He was born in Tyana some time in the first year A.D. He has been regarded by many of his contemporaries as magician, clairvoyant, and miracle worker. It is said he contributed greatly to the Greek Mystery School and other forms of Collegia around the world. He traveled a great bit, so he was well versed in many different types of magic, but he also influenced a lot of the world's magic as well.

Later in life, he became a member of the Sect of Pythagoras, who if you remember was a great sorcerer who was obsessed with mathematics and geometry, specifically the sacred aspects of both. I mean, he influenced mathematics so greatly that I remember learning the Pythagorean Theorem post Y2K in a high school math class that I was taking. So, you can understand that Apollonius was under great pressure to excel in his trade. When you have such a great teacher and you are actually a part of his Sect of sorcery when it comes to your magic.

The important part to remember about Apollonius isn't that he could heal or control fire and water, or even that he was able to allow ancient spirits take control of his body. The important thing to remember is that he was a master of sacred numerology. He knew exactly how numbers and geometric shapes influence the building of the universe. When you know these types of things, you also gain the ability to manipulate these things to achieve whatever type of magic it is that you want.

For instance, the basic numerology of humanity is what keeps us in our human state of mind. A simple manipulation of number and magic will allow the mind to be completely opened and aware. I mean, I'm not saying it is super easy to accomplish. What I am saying is that in a world where we are so blinded to reality to think that a sequence of sacred numbers and their energies can open us up to be completely rearranged is mind-boggling.

Well, that is what this piece does for you. It contains sacred strings of numbers that when you wear it will open up your mind, breaking down a wall that deflects a source of energy called the Cosmic Beam. This energy comes directly from the Eye at the center of the Universe that sees and knows all things. The beam is obviously invisible to the human eye. However, when you are connected to the beam, you are also connected to a network of knowledge and power that is also hooked up to the beam. It is like a giant web of existence-- both Earthly and intergalactic-- that we are connected to.

When you are connected to this web, you can leave your body in spirit form, allowing it to travel to wherever. There are no limits. You could travel to Atlantis if you wanted to. You could travel to Heaven or the Garden of Eden, you could travel to the inside of the Pyramids, or you could travel to far away realms where different forms of life exist where you can gain different types of knowledge that don't exist on Earth and that you never thought were possible. It literally opens up your mind to a map of existence, allowing you to realize the answers to the meaning of life and to the mysteries of existence.

You will be able to see, touch, feel, and realize. You will be able to pick up strange power and unique abilities that just would never be possible with the awakening and connection to the Cosmic Beam that this piece allows you to experience. It is totally eye-opening and by eye I mean your third eye, the one that allows you to see and experience with your soul and not just your eyes. It's an intense mind-blowing sensation to be able to experience things and to feel them rather than just seeing them.

This piece is sterling and holds 13 glass beads that contain miniature sparks of power, that will zap you (not physically) like a spark plug that will trigger a full awakening. These are the shapes and numbers of the awakening that you will receive, which is why they work so well.  As a bonus, this piece looks awesome whether you are a man or a woman!!  I'd wear it in public even! 

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