The Seven Eyes of the Universe

The Seven Eyes of the Universe

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It was in ancient times when a new culture suddenly exploded across several continents. It united parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa. It was the veneration of the primeval Earth Goddess and her son, who has taken many forms from the "green man" to the "bull son." He has known many names such as Marduk (Babylonia), Zagreus-Dionysus (Greece), Ptah-Osiris (Egypt) and Pashupati (Indus Valley, modern-day India). Other cultures influenced by the Earth Goddess include the Celts, the Persians, the Anatolians and others. The belief stated that at the beginning of the growing season the Earth Goddess gave birth to a son. As it came time for harvest, as the leaves began to all and the plants began to rot, her son began to die. This was symbolic that the fertile season was over. The following Spring, the Earth Goddess would once again give birth to a son who would grant proliferation and abundance to the Earth.

All of this is cool and all, but what is more important is the fact that the birth and death the Greem Man or whatever you want to call him, coincides with the rise and fall of the Pleiades star system. I'll be honest, the energies of the star system are more powerful than any Green Man is going to be. It is actually the energy that has give this piece its powers, but I had to give the backstory first, so you would understand where the powers in this piece have come from and why the powers of the Pleiades were just chilling in a temple that dates back to ancient Greece and why the confines of this temple have been kept secret. They have been guarded by the Secret Schools and they are used as enlightenment chambers-- present tense.

The powers of the Pleiades are simple. This group of stars has gone by many names through history, including the seven sisters and also the seven eyes.  This is because although the Pleiades contains hundreds of stars, it is identified by the seven brightest and most visible to the human eye.  The Pleiades is referred to as the Seven Eyes because the energy in the Pleiades star system has been able to absorb and imprint the happenings of time, meaning they have recorded a duplicate of all history that replays itself constantly in a star chamber that has been created by the energies of all of the seven stars. The repeating history remains in this star chambers and is not ever released into existence. It would seriously mess with the space-time continuum and we'd have no idea what year it was, where we were, etc. Things would be in a state of complete disarray. However, that does not stop you from visiting!

This piece allows you to astrally visit the Pleiades start system and the history that they have seen and that they replay. You can use this piece to jump to any point in history that you choose. This piece does not allow you to visit the future, because it hasn't happened yet. At least not in your version of reality. So, having said that, you can use this piece to travel to any point in history that you choose. You can do this simply because you want to experience or see something. You can also do this to obtain powers and abilities. For instance, you could travel back to the time of Vlad the Impaler in order to gain his abilities of vampirism. You can travel back to the time of the Oracles at Delphi in order to gain their powers to see and manipulate destiny. Once you have this piece, where you go is totally unended and up to you. It's the getting there part that holds people distant from the powers of the Pleiades and we have just solved that for you. All you need is this piece.

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