The Shifters
The Shifters
The Shifters

The Shifters

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This piece is another original and I'm pretty sure that there aren't any others like it and if somehow you find another one out there, I'm marking my words on betting that there are very few out there like this. The reason is that the type of entity that is invoked by this piece is extremely rare. I can tell you this because I have been working in this field for some time now and only twice have i ever heard of this type of entity being discovered.

 Although they exist, they usually keep a pretty clean trail. However, we have been able to extract one of them based on something that they've left behind in the mortal world. Usually, they would've been more careful to "clean up" after themselves. With that being said, their mistake is our good fortune. Trust me you don't want to miss out on this piece. The powers in this piece are badass. The eternal and immortal beings that go along with this piece are called the Shifters.

My inquisitive eyes first fell upon a story that I read that came out of the Netherlands. You know you can't always just believe things for yourself when somebody from the Netherlands tells you something. Those people are kind of weird. I mean, they're nice and all and it's not fair to draw stereotypes, but most of them are weird. Either way, in 1904 the Weerdinge Men were uncovered by a farmer in the Netherlands. The carbon dating on these "men" dated back to between 160BC and 220AD.  The mummified bodies were found in a bog, one with a hole in its chest through which the intestines had spilled through. The other one was in otherwise perfect condition, with the cause of death being unknown. The reason why these bodies were kept in what can pretty much be considered pristine condition is blamed on the lack of oxygen and unusual chemistry o the bog water.  It has kept these bodies preserved for over 2,000 years. That's pretty incredible in an of itself. However, when you consider the true source of the corpses you will understand why exactly the bodies were kept in such good form. It is simply due to their exposure to the ageless and timeless magic that the bodies were exposed to because of the bodies most previous occupiers.

 We personally traveled to the Netherlands after Deedee and I had taken an interest in these bodies. The investigation was quite extensive actually, as we kind of had to weasel our way into letting the appropriate officials allow us to have our way with the bodies-- no sexual undertones at all. We aren't into necrophilia. Hey, but to each their own, right? We were finally allowed admittance into the room where the government, unbeknown to the public, has kept the bodies in their naturally preserved state... for the last 110 years AFTER they removed them from the bod. So, maybe they'd like to re-examine their little no-oxygen-bod-water theory. In fact, I'm pretty sure they knew exactly what they were dealing with, but for the sake of the power that is inhabited within, they didn't want these bodies falling into the wrong hands. I mean, there are a TON of paranormal and supernatural buffs in the Netherlands. They are some of the most superstitious and magically adept people that I've ever met. Mainstream society would call them weirdos, but if I had a dime for every time somebody called me a weirdo, I'm a millionaire; so it's all good!

So... we were able to examine the bodies and here is what we found out. The bodies are preserved bodies at all. Well, they are, but only at face value. These bodies are actually the skins of a type of witch known as a Shifter. Like I said before, they usually keep a pretty clean trail about themselves, so the fact that they left their current skin just kind of laying around for anyone to pick up is kind of weird. Either way, these bodies were the old skins of a pair of Shifter Witches.

 Shifter Witches are the most unique type of witch that I have discovered to date because they are the only type of witch that I have encountered that isn't Earth-bound. Meaning, that Shifter Witches have often been to other planets, plains of existence, worlds, and realities. The Shift into a common form of whatever existence they end up finding themselves in. When they came to Earth, the took the form of humans. These skins were the form that they shifted into. However, when they travel to the next place they become formless and shed their skins, much like locusts do in the summertime when you can find their skins stuck to trees.

The skins that were found in the Netherlands are nothing short of a miraculous find. Although I have no idea where the Shifter Witches have traveled to, we have been successfully able to pull the energies of the Shifter Witches out of their skins. We have placed the energies in this piece. This item will summon and invoke the shifter witches, who will bring to you their source of interstellar, interdimensional magic. This magic is dual in nature, meaning that it is capable of being used however, for whatever. The magic is extraordinary and literally, is out of this world! You can use this piece to invoke pretty much whatever type of mortal magic you want. Plus, there are other forms of magic that you will have to use the piece to understand because the powers are pretty much indescribable unless you have the ability to think and feel like a Shifter. Additionally, this piece will allow you the ability to transmogrify your own being to any type of being that you want. After all, this was the Shifter Witches' special ability. If it weren't so, they would have left their skins behind, now would they have? This piece is definitely unique and one of a kind. Although we'd love to have a ton of these pieces, we unfortunately only have one. That is why you need to stop what you are doing and get this piece before somebody else does. Trust me when I tell you, this is not your everyday magic piece. It's not something you want to miss out on!


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