The Sinclair Summoner
The Sinclair Summoner

The Sinclair Summoner

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The question that deserves to be answers is why did the English run away?  Usually the "we surrender" act is left for the French, whose flag should have been all white, instead of white, red, and blue.  In fact, it is from France that our story begins.  The Sinclair family had entered England by way of William the Conqueror in 1066.  Most of them settled in Scotland, so it makes sense that they would come to the aid of the Scots when called upon.  
It was a battled that should have been won easily by the English.  It is said that they outnumbered a small and haggard Scottish Army by an estimated 5 to 1.  However, it would be one of the most stunning defeats of all time when the Scots defeated the English army.  Why, though, did the English army begin to retreat in panic?  Their men trampled over one another attempting to escape what seemed like sudden death!  
I'll tell you why.  They Sinclair's have a long history of being intertwined with the Knights Templar.  The Sinclair's gave the Scot army an item that was made using white light magic.  It holds the ability to communicate with angels and for them to grant your wishes.  When used by the commanders of Scot army, who wished the victory of the battle, the skies opened up and legions of angels came to the rescue.  The English, having no idea what the heck was going on, turn and ran.  In their defense, if I had an angel coming at me, all holy looking, with swords of fire, I'd probably turn and run too.  
This power has been passed down through the Scottish bloodlines, not always kept in the same vessel.   Although the power comes from Rosicrucian origins, it has been preserved by Scottish Freemasons.  This piece came into our possession by means of a favor that somebody owed us.  That's all I'm going to say about it.  It holds the original power of you being able to conjure angels.  During this exchange, you will be in full control of the angel, who will grant whatever wish you ask of it.  

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