The Siren's Song for Love and Beauty

The Siren's Song for Love and Beauty

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This piece was given to us by the same Siren that finally broke her curse and has been set free from her eternal damnation.  She has taken human form to blend in better, but still uses her magic in her everyday life.  

This piece contains the beauty and love magic that she used to use on a daily basis when luring sailors to their death.  Although her true form is a hideous old sea hag, she used this magic to appear as a beautiful young maiden in distress, trapped on an island, waiting to be rescued.  

This piece will allow you to appear more beautiful to those around you-- your smile brighter, your face more radiant, your voice sweeter, your breath fresher-- just overall more beautiful.  It especially works when presenting to yourself to the person you love.  This piece is for beauty AND love.  As such, it will give you a magical allure and luster to the person upon whom you cast the love magic.  They will see you as a beauty that they must have instead of an option on the back burner, or even worse-- a non-possiblity! 



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