The Sleeping Eye of Horus

The Sleeping Eye of Horus

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This piece contains a magic that is called the Sleeping Eye of Horus.  This piece was created by a student of the Egyptian Mystery Schools.  He currently resides in Pennsylvania.  We met at a meeting for a secret society of real paranormal investigators, not like the fakers you see on tv.  Either way, he created this piece for us using the magic of Horus, the supreme deity of the Egyptian gods and goddesses.  

Just as the sun is always shining, the sun is always watching.  It is the eye in the sky.  That is why Horus is depicted by the sun.  He is always watching and he knows all things.  He knows the locations of all pyramids and the powers that each one of them holds, not only on Earth but throughout the entire universe.  

This Eye of Horus has been put to sleep until he finds a willing participant.  Enter you.  Your life energy will activate this piece when you wear it.  The Eye of Horus will open and you will be given the knowledge of all pyramids.  Not only will you be given this knowledge, you will be able to travel to all the pyramids via a network of cosmic energy that connects them together.  You will gain a multitude of powers that are so plentiful that I couldn't list them all if I tried.  The fact remains that I'm not even sure of ALL the powers you will gain with this piece because it is proprietary to the one who wakes Horus.  We know this piece will work because we feel the energy in it.  Also, it's not the first piece that the guy that I've met has made a piece for us.  

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