The Sleeping Queen and her Djinn Nasfah

The Sleeping Queen and her Djinn Nasfah

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There's no telling how old this piece is. Of course, it looks like something that is newer, but the magic in that is in this piece has allowed it to remain in a renew and rejuvenated state. Even if there was some type of testing done on this piece it would appear as though it was newer. However, I'm not so convinced that the piece is that new at all. At least the gemstones that are used to make this piece can't be that new. But, as I said, there is no way to tell exactly how new or old this piece is. That's because it was found in a cave in Peru. It wasn't just "found", either. It was found during one of our investigations inside of a mini-pyramid that was built into the side of one of the mountains in the Andes.

I know that we have told you that the ancient Egyptians were seafaring people, but the fact that they visited South America is something that developing, even for us. We honestly had no idea that this the case until we wound up on the investigation that took us to this pyramid. The inside of the pyramid looks exactly how you would expect the inside of any Egyptian pyramid to look. There are hieroglyphics that tell of a seemingly impossible journey from Egypt to the Mountains of Peru. It is written that the "queen" was guided by an ancient spirit known as "Nasfah" Who the "queen" is we will never know, but we can only assume that it refers to the only mummy inside of the pyramid. She might've been sent to the "new world" to start a new Egyptian colony. I don't know. It's just shrouded in so much mystery.

Above the woman mummy are two words only-- "She Sleeps." Other than that, there is not an inkling of a clue as to what really happened and how this mummy came to rest in Peru. However, as for the spirit Nasfah, we learned an awful lot about that. I don't know whether this spirit is a male or female spirit, so we just call it an it. Either way, this piece is one that was found that was being worn by the "queen." We took it with us and to our surprise, there were no curses we had to fight off. We did discover that attached to this piece is the spirit called Nasfah, who is an ancient djinn and the one time guide of our ill-destined queen. Nafah is an incredibly strong spirit and is able to allow all impossibilities become possibilities. This is how the queen came to land in Peru in the first place. I guess she just wore out her human means. After all, she was a mortal.

With this piece, you can summon Nasfah. We have determined that it is unable to grant an unlimited amount of wishes. It will make all of the things that seem impossible for you to become possible by the uttering of a simple wish. Again, it is quite possible that somebody visited the pyramid and put this piece on the mummy, but I'm not sure. Either way, one thing is for sure. This piece is incredibly powerful and will grant anything you ask of it except for immortality. I guess that is why the queen sleeps. Other than that you are good to ask for whatever you want.

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