The Society of the Great White Sphinx
The Society of the Great White Sphinx

The Society of the Great White Sphinx

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Egyptian magic runs deep in this piece. The piece is sterling silver. It has been created with silver that was given to humanity by the Sun God Amun-Ra. This silver was given to the ancient temple priests and was empowered with the wisdom and the magic of the universe.  


Unfortunately, the silver was stolen by invading armies many, many years later after it was used to adorn the Sphinx in a silver bracelet that once sat on the Sphinx's paw. Prior to being plundered, the silver adorned the Sphinx for thousands of years. It has given the Sphinx a ton of knowledge over the course of that time and has amplified the knowledge that was already there.  


I'm not sure how the people who made this piece got into contact with this exact silver-- the silver that was given to the Egyptians by Amun-Ra-- but the piece that they created with it is extremely powerful. They call themselves the Society of the Great White Sphinx and a total of three of these items have been made with the silver they recovered. We have one of them.  


This piece is incredibly powerful because it will allow you to see through the eyes of the Sphinx. This means you will be able to look up into the sky and out into the universe to see the cosmic magic that exists among the stars, the planets, the constellations, and other heavenly bodies.  


This will allow you to have an unlimited amount of magical energy that you can use to turn into just about any magical form that you desire. This is what made the ancient Egyptians s powerful

 and it is the bedrock magic of the Society of the Great White Sphinx.


As an added bonus, this piece will also give you access to the Egyptian pantheon and their magic, including the magic of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Anubis, Hathor, and thousands o other deities. You wi need to do your research, but this piece allows you to call them out by name and share the wealth of their knowledge and magic! 

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