The Soulgate of Bellamus
The Soulgate of Bellamus
The Soulgate of Bellamus
The Soulgate of Bellamus
The Soulgate of Bellamus

The Soulgate of Bellamus

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If you are into ancient Atlantean magic (and I know a bunch of you are) then this piece is definitely a must-have for your collection. We have taken this piece from ancient Atlantis after having acquired a separate piece that allowed us to travel there.  


The piece that has allowed us to travel there came empowered with a magic that was found in the pyramid, so we were able to travel to Atlantis via one of the pyramids that exist there. However, the piece that we acquired did not come from a pyramid. Rather it came from a collection that belonged to an Atlantean queen named Bellamus.  


For the sake of describing what this piece is, I guess you could call the necklace the crown jewels of an Atlantean Dynasty. Bellamus was the fourth queen of the dynasty and this necklace is what was called her soulgate.  


bellamus' soulgate is a piece that, when she wore it, allowed her to connect to a succession of ancestors, beginning with the first ruler of her bloodline. Each of these ancestors has a great wealth of magic and knowledge that is stored inside their soulgate. This began with the first ruler of the dynasty wanting to be able to pass down what they learned and what they knew to the next ruler.  


In Atlantis rulers down work like they do on Earth. There is no power, there are no elections. There is simply the wisest and most magical bloodline and they are the ones that rule. It is not contested, because it is for the betterment of everyone.  


Each of the successive rulers, starting with the second ruler of Atlantis-- we call them kings and queens so as to make a comprehensible analogy-- owned their own soulgate. All the powers and knowledge of the previous soulgate were transferred into the next ruler's soulgate. Then, the power and the knowledge of that ruler, including all the power and knowledge of the first was passed down to the third.  


Power and knowledge proceeded this way in Atlantis from ruler to ruler. The choosing of the soulgate was a ceremonious affair for the Atlanteans because the existence of the soulgate holds their lineage and their heritage. It holds the magic and knowledge that flow freely through the hive mind that is shared by them all.  


This piece was worn by Bellamus and it was her soulgate. She realized when we visited that her time had come and gone and that she existed only in a time loop. That's is why she gifted us her soulgate. Originally this piece was more primitive-looking, but when we traveled forward in time to come back to the present, it updated itself. We weren't expecting it to do that, but it is what it is.  


When you wear this piece you will be able to look back through generations of Atlantean ancestry. You will receive their magic and their ancient knowledge of the earth, the universe, and more. There is no limit on the knowledge of the ancient Atlanteans and this piece is living proof.  


Anything from Atlantean wealth, to Atlantean healing, to Atlantean Sorcery, to Atlantean Psychic Awakening, to Atlantean Casting, even things like time 0trael, spirit calling, and so much more are at stake here. This is the ultimate Atlantean magic. Despite the fact that this piece was worn by a queen, it can be used by both males or females.  


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