The Speaking Heads of the Harborim, the 23rd of Solomon
The Speaking Heads of the Harborim, the 23rd of Solomon
The Speaking Heads of the Harborim, the 23rd of Solomon

The Speaking Heads of the Harborim, the 23rd of Solomon

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Not everything is as it seems. There is such a stigma that goes along with Satanism. I mean, most of the time when you are dealing with Satan things tend to be pretty evil. However, this is not always the case. Satan is a power hungry fool. He never really learned his lesson when he started a war in Heaven and Michael gave him the boot, landing him in the fiery pits of Hell for all of eternity. He still beseeks the most hidden forms of knowledge that are present on the Earth.

Just as God has stored his own knowledge through a system of angels that he entrusts with his powers called the Thrones, Satan has his own system of demons that he entrusts with the knowledge that he has acquired. Some of this magic is downright evil and nasty, but then some of it is dual. Most of the magic that he has acquired that is dual magic was once white magic, but since it has been mixed with his own variety of darkness they have become dual. Thus, a lot of his magic can be used for a dark or white purpose. Such is the case with the powers we are about to tell you about.

Now, I have told you that Satan holds his own host of demons to whom he entrusts his powers. They are called the Demons of the Goetia and there are 72 of them to be exact.  They are the demons that were conjured by King Solomon when he was into the dark arts. We have made this piece with a little bit of help from a Molech Sorcerer. Molech is the same god that is worshipped and summoned at the Bohemian Grove if you remember correctly. He is essentially the guardian of all Luciferian Magic, a dark archangel if you will. To get to the angels of the Goetia, you must go through his. Hence the reason why the high priests of Goetia magic are referred to as Molech Sorcerers.

With the help of the Molech Sorcerer, we were able to pull through a very powerful dark angel of the Goetia, his name being Harborim. He also goes by the names Aim, Aym, Harborym, and Aini. He is the 23rd of the 72 demons of the Goetia and anything but normal. His dark angelic appearance is something that indescribable and he speaks in tongues only. In his human form he appears as quite the dapper chap, but still a bit unusual.

When in his human for Harborim appears with three heads. On each of his heads, there is an image that occupies the spot where the Third Eye would have originally been located. On his first head, he holds the image of an ancient serpent. On his second head, there is an image of two stars. On his third and final head, he holds the image of a cat. When he appears in his human forms, his heads speak incessantly. I think this might be a way of masking what they individually have to say-- a way to confuse humans who might come across Harborim so they won't have access to the magic that he possesses. You know better. We put an end to that nonsense right away.

His first head, the one with the serpent holds ancient knowledge of Lucifer himself. When this head talks, he tells the story of the downfall of Lucifer from the times that he was the right-hand man of God, the morning star all the way to the times he was cast into the Lake of Fire. His eyes project the story as if it was a movie that plays out in front of you. He shows you the ancient knowledge of Satan, which is the knowledge of the coming of End Times, the knowledge of the number 666, the mark of the beast, the Harlot in the desert who rides the beast, and antichrist and all the false prophets that he has released into the world. (yes, present tense!) This is a divine knowledge, just divinely dark. It shows all of the sinister tricks and plans that are in Satan's bag and how he plans on challenging God in the final showdown between good and evil. It will allow you to see these plans as if you are in a movie theater looking a screen.

The second head speaks of celestial and zodiacal magic. This is sorcery, the basis of which has been pulled from the stars. The stars tell a story of magic and alchemy, the ability to transform from human form to celestial form. This is how the original gods went from their mortal form to take their places in the galaxy for eternity. This piece gives you the secret of how to leave your body and to take your celestial form, where you will be able to exist among the stars and gain the magic that they have to offer. This includes anything from wealth to being able to raise dead people in such a way that they will get up from their grave and walk around. Of course, it isn't limited to these forms of magic, those are two examples of the thousands of powers that are hidden within the zodiac.

The final head holds a cat that is symbolic of the Great Sphinx. The knowledge that is held by the Sphinx is powerful because it mimics the shape and form of the Great White Sphinx of Heaven. That is why the Egyptians made one on Earth. The Sphinx on Earth has eyes that see everything. It knows all earthly magic. This is why the Sphinx was so revered by the ancient Egyptians because it could literally grant any magic that they asked of it. The same is true of Harborim's third head. His cat is a Sphinx will allow you to look through the eyes of the original Sphinx.

No, I'm not talking about the Sphinx that lives on Earth. I'm talking about the one that lives in Heaven. You will be able to look through its crystal eyes that flash with lightning. It will take you to any time and place along the space-time continuum to behold history as if it were taking place. You will also be able to say to the Sphinx, "Show me this power or that power," and it will take you to a time and place where the particular power you have requested was born. You will be able to gain that power in the form of a root magic, which is the most powerful form because that's when it was first used. 

This piece is very powerful because it holds the presence of Harborim as we saw him when he was summoned by the Molech Sorcerer. You may or may not be able to see him, but you will definitely hear all three of his heads and mouths speak to you. Of course, they will take their turn and speak one at a time that way you will be able to understand what the heck they are trying to say. I won't lie to you, it is a lot to take in, but once you open your mind and allow yourself to actually hear what they are saying, it will invite in powers that you never even imagined was possible!!

This ring is the one that we used when conjuring Harborim and so it is the one that we are offering.  He resides in it.  Remember, this piece is NOT dark, it is dual because all the powers that are offered to you can be used as impressionist magic, meaning you can literally use them for whatever purposes you choose-- dark or light.  

This piece is sterling and has weight to it. 

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