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Elizabeth Benson was a child genius and her IQ was unable to be tested after it hit 214. In the beginning, as a child, the media followed her around but after college, they just stopped. One last article was written about her and it just said she turned out normal and worked in a store. In reality, she did so much more and at one time was even a communist. That thankfully didn't last long. She moved on to more education and like I said the media stopped following her. Now knowing our government and all that we have learned especially lately do you really think she sank into obscurity? You guessed it, she didn't!

Elizabeth was working for the government on top secret projects after her children were in school. She took time off while they were babies and then she was recruited. She worked on projects that included time stopping, altering, and invisibility. She worked with the Russians on psychic ability and telepathy. She was doing the experiments at Montauk before they were at Montauk! She was able by the pure use of her brain to bring things into the material world that she both created and that already existed. The most fascinating thing was her ability to dematerialize the physical body and come back again. I know of no one who can do that. This leads me to believe that everything is in the brain. She had a secret file that said so herself. That parts of the brain were like an alien machine and that she could speak with them at any time. She proved this because she brought back technology that couldn't be from anywhere else. Some argue that some of the things were not alien tech but rather her high IQ that was just able to figure it out but really, who cares?

One of the other things she was adamant about was the use of crystals in both timekeeping and altering. She was also able to KNOW people for who they really are and she always said that helped her greatly. The power and ability that Elizabeth held are in this crystal and while it will take you time to absorb this type of paranormal magic, you will. 

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