The Spiritual Powers of the Sacred Letter Nun
The Spiritual Powers of the Sacred Letter Nun

The Spiritual Powers of the Sacred Letter Nun

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This has been empowered by a Kabbalah sorcerer. It contains the energy of the letter Nun from the Hebrew Aleph-bet. Nun connects between the spheres of the eternity and the foundation on the Tree of Life.  


By embracing the energies of Nun, one can expect great things to come to their life. Examples of these things follow.  



- It will elevate you to the vibration of abundance, blessings and success.


- It will help you develop a broad world view, powerful, strong presence and good intuitions.


- it will strengthen your faith,ascend you to a spiritual level to transcend the difficulties of material life,and will bring you the rewards you deserve after difficult times.


- It provides stability, permanence and continuity, and it will assist in the fulfillment of long-term investments.


- It will enhance loyalty, and teach you to restrain yourself to avoid downfalls.


- It will help you to experience rebirth and recovery after crisis,

and find the strength to release old issues from the past to make way for a better future.


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